Gold Wormwood Absinthe Package

  • Best selling set of wormwood absinthe with a FREE bottle of Absinthe Innocent
  • Two full-size bottles of real King of Spirits Gold, 70% ABV & 100mg of thujone
  • One 700ml bottle of premium Absinthe Bitter Spirit with 35mg of thujone
  • Two FREE gifts, one bottle of Innocent Absinthe and one chromium absinthe spoon
  • Real wormwood absinthe distilled to the Purest Quality in the Czech Republic
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Product Description

Absinthe King of Spirits Gold is as strong as the legitimate, real absinthes of the 19th century.

100mg of wormwood thujone! This is what authentic absinthe is all about. King of Spirits Gold is as strong as the original, pre-ban absinthes of the 19th century. A Bohemian-style absinthe with the original alcohol volume of the Belle Époque. Grand wormwood and a secret blend of spices make this bona fide absinthe the real deal. Enter the world of the green fairy absinthe and drink one of the noblest spirits in history. Join the minds of great artists and see what absinthe is all about.

We have combined and prepared this fine selection of premium quality Czech absinthes available on the market in this very popular special absinthe package. Genuine, wormwood Absinthe Original Bitter Spirit in its elegant 700ml bottle and King of Spirits Absinthe Gold with a blend of herbs containing 100 mg of thujone. With these unique three bottles, you'll receive one of our quality slotted absinthe spoon and 195ml smaller bottle of Absinthe Innocent completely FREE of charge, both worth over $40.00

Absinthe Original Bitter Spirit - 35 mg/l of thujone
Absinthe King of Spirits Gold - 100 mg/l of thujone

Want to get the most out of your absinthe drink? The active ingredient thujone has its best effects within a half hour of drinking. Afterward, the effect you feel will be pure alcohol based, so make sure to pace your drinking so you can fully enjoy the wormwood and the absinthe over the length of your absinthe experience.

Absinthe Original Bitter Spirit as well as King of Spirits Gold Absinthe contain Grand Wormwood - also known as grande absinthe, common wormwood or artemisia absinthium - the main and most important herb in the genuine, real, distilled, wormwood absinthe.

Did you know that wormwood has had a long history in folk medicine dating back as far as ancient Greece when it was variously prescribed for rheumatism, jaundice, menstrual pains and as an aid in child birth? This medicinal herb has many more amazing health benefits, and you can read about all of them in our extensive absinthe blog post.

Do you want to know how strong is your absinthe drink? Find out in our a super-handy guide that will give you a simple estimate of the alcohol content of your absinthe drinks when mixed with cold water.

“The absinthe made everything seem better. I drank it without sugar in the dripping glass, and it was pleasantly bitter. I poured the water directly into it and stirred it instead of letting it drip. I stirred the ice around with a spoon in the brownish, cloudy mixture. I was very drunk. I was drunker than I ever remembered having been.”
Ernest Hemingway

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Product Details

Data sheet

Bottle size
19.5cl / 6.594oz
70cl / 23.670oz
Alcohol by volume
45% ABV / 90 proof
60% ABV / 120 proof
70% ABV / 140 proof
Appearance / Color
olive green
Rated 4.89 on the scale 1 - 5 based on 9 customer reviews
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Pricey but great

Definitely more than I was comfortable paying but this stuff is truly great. Even with a high price I intend on buying another one when I get close to finishing this batch. Which wont be any time soon

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Verified purchase

Gift for myself.

As always, was sent the finest product.

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Verified purchase

Gold Stars

5 Stars for the King!

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Verified purchase

Cap/Corking issues

i enjoy the products. The buzz is different than wine or spirits. Blacking out is a fun side effect. I enjoy Merlin's Picasso the most using White Monster.<br /> The cork in the "king of spirits" broke in half shortly after receiving. I had to remove the broken piece manually. <br /> Other than this small issue, I am happy with my purchase (of course it is expensive). <br /> Thank you!<br />

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