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Absinthe Original is a trading name of La Boheme UK Limited, a trading organization that was formed in 1996 operating both in the UK and in the Czech Republic. Although La Boheme is a British company it still represents the romance that one would associate with Dr. Zhivago of Tsarist Russia and the times when the Czech Republic was still ruled by the Austro-Hungarian Empire. With its roots firmly embedded in Prague, La Boheme has a great deal of experience with Eastern European products and the expertise of marketing within Western Europe.

Original Strong Absinthe

In the age of the theme bars, fresh brands and tastes are encouraged by the gourmet. La Boheme has taken traditional liqueurs, suitable for today's market, actively promoting the bar industry.

Absinthe is described as crystal clear in the bottle, potent emerald in the glass. Being 144 proof, absinthe is as illicit as it is intoxicating. Sipped by Oscar Wilde, Baudelaire, Manet, Picasso, and many other prominent artists and writers, strong absinthe was first used in ancient Greece for its herbal assets. Though invented in Switzerland, strong absinthe has always been associated with France. The age of green absinthe began during the Algerian War when French soldiers were issued absinthe as a fever preventative. When they returned to France they brought the taste of absinthe alcohol back with them. In the year 1912, the French drank 221,897,000 liters of absinthe a year which led to the society columnist of the time A. Capus, declaring "Absinthe has become the favorite alcohol drink of every Frenchman".

La Boheme Absinthe Original

Without a doubt, La Boheme Absinthe Original is the finest, genuine Absinthe with thujone available anywhere in the world today. Made by craftsmen distillers to a secret 200-year-old Swiss absinthe recipe, it is said by connoisseurs to compare with the rarest French cognacs. Only the highest quality ingredients and botanicals are used in its manufacture and it is guaranteed to be free of artificial colorants and chemicals.

La Boheme Absinthe Original comes in a handsomely designed bottle and makes an ideal present for a special friend. We can even include a personalized gift tag with your absinthe order. Of course, as with all things in life, products of this quality cost a little more. But we are certain that once you have tried La Boheme Original Absinthe, you will agree that the little extra cost is well worth it. Drink it with a little sugar and water or as a base for your favorite cocktail.

Either way, La Boheme Absinthe is one of life's great pleasures.

All Brands of Thujone Absinthe

"The Green Fairy" supplied by Absinthe Original are the genuine products manufactured according to the original recipes. All of La Boheme's absinthe liquors have established themselves in the premier league of liqueurs. Manufactured according to the original recipes with 70%, 60% or 45% Alc. vol. and the production methods have been improved in excess of today's required standards. La Boheme is the only company within the UK to offer a wide selection of varieties of premium Czech absinthe and plays a considerable part in the revival of the absinthe drink that was enjoyed by so many.

A Great Testimonial

A testimonial to the success of La Boheme's marketing is that the company has formed with restaurateurs and caterers. The demand for Absinthe Original has achieved record-breaking results. A humorous story being that the marketing programme has been so good that the company has even achieved a reputation outside of the catering and hospitality industry. La Boheme has been asked by Twentieth Century Fox for Czech green absinthe to feature in a film called Moulin Rouge with Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman. This again is a testimonial that La Boheme represents the quality of an age gone by, but is a company rapidly gaining in reputation. And following the success of the absinthe-soaked films Moulin Rouge, From Hell, Eurotrip, Van Helsing, and Dracula the absinthe revival looks like it's here to stay.

We have already shipped thousands of parcels to customers all over the world and some of them were so kind to write a review about our products and services. These absinthe reviews are available here: Absinthe Original Reviews

The future heralds well for La Boheme, a name that is rapidly becoming synonymous with luxury products. The management considers it vital to maintain the traditional "small company" values where the needs of the customers are catered for by continuously providing an attentive ear and ensuring flexibility at all times. It is hoped that the coat of arms will always be associated with these values as well as appreciating the quality of the products.

La Boheme UK Limited
21 Ledbury Place
Croydon CR91DF, England
Established 1996, Registered in England No. 3286362
VAT No. GB672864303



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