Absinthe Glass Perigord

  • Sturdy construction makes it ideal for every day use, dishwasher safe
  • Made by an original French glassmaker Cristallerie La Rochere, founded in 1475
  • Each glass is approximately 6 inches tall and 3 inches in diameter
  • Every order contains a brief absinthe history, serving instructions and cocktail recipes
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Product Description

This heavy molded glass is known as the Perigord absinthe glass. Its sturdy construction makes it ideal for every day use. Suitable for both, hot and cold drinks, can as well be used for wine. This piece is identical to antiques now found on the market and is still made by an original French glassmaker Cristallerie La Rochere, founded in 1475. These absinthe glasses are timeless articles with everlasting charm.

Each glass is approximately 6 inches tall and 3 inches in diameter with capacity 16cl (5.410oz), dishwasher safe.

Many bars, restaurants, hotels, and clubs have already been supplied with our absinthe glasses, absinthe fountains, slotted spoons, and fine wormwood absinthe. Our products can be seen in London, Dubai, Sydney, Paris, Tokyo or Prague. Please contact us for wholesale prices.

Did you know that...?
There is a difference between an absinthe 'verte' or 'blanche'. 'Verte', or green absinthe gets it's color by infusing plants in the scented alcohol distillate after the distillation. The plants used in this step vary and each will add flavor as well as color. Coloration is a very skilled process (this is mostly why the majority of absinthes today are artificially colored), if the distillate stays in contact with the botanicals for too long the flavor balance along with the coloration of the absinthe can be spoilt. The natural color can also change and develop as the absinthe ages, most taking on a yellow-green or 'dead-leaf' color. The coloring step may also create a slight deposit which can be found in the bottom of the bottle - this is not a defect, moreso a sign of quality, natural manufacture. Absinthe 'blanche', white or colorless absinthe, known as 'la Bleue' in Switzerland, is distilled and then left without a coloring step. It will not necessarily be the same as an uncolored absinthe verte though - to add complexity without color, there are usually more plants used when distilling a blanche.

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16cl / 5.410oz
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353g / 0.7782lb
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Beautiful glasses

I love to drink my Absinthe from these lovely glasses. Of course my Absinthe would be wonderful in any glass!!!!! I love doing business with y’all!<br /> Linda G. USA. Georgia

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Verified purchase

Excellent craftsmanship

Packing was exceptional. Excellent craftsmanship. Exactly as described, Happy with purchase

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