Copper Lady Absinthe Fountain

  • The copper absinthe fountain is an unique piece with four spouts and spigots to entertain a large group of absinthe enthusiasts
  • Handmade, mouth-blown glass, copper plating over brass with four taps for up to four glasses of absinthe
  • All glasses will fit under 11.81 inches beneath the spout, with ample of fall to dissolve sugar and look lovely
  • Base of the fountain is padded with felt, protecting table from scratches and making the fountain less likely to slide
  • An exact reproduction of copper-plated metal absinthe fountain in a lovely rose-gold color
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Product Description

There’s nothing like a classic, exact reproduction of the most famous absinthe fountain style to bring light to a room. When plated with authentic, high-grade copper, the result is an exquisite masterpiece to crown any absinthe collection. This stunning Art Deco piece will be the focal point of any room it is placed in. With its antique-looking copper finish, whether in use or not. This tall and heavy piece is a variation on the Lady fountain, which was popular during the Belle Époque period.

Absinthe fountains are the best way of enjoying the king of spirits with friends. Although most absinthe fountains in the market are only decorative pieces, we pride ourselves on sourcing and crafting authentic working fountains that are not only functional but as beautiful as the ones that adorned the tables in cafés of the Belle Époque.

These metal fountains are handcrafted using traditional techniques, just as they were in the Belle Époque era. This can result in minor grazes or imperfections in the finish due to the use of traditional brass casting and copper plating. In the case of handcrafted glass, the result is a lovely antique-looking effect with small air bubbles and lines, as opposed to the flat and featureless finish of modern machine glass production.

The beautiful fountain allows for four steady drips of ice water to dissolve a sugar cube over your favorite absinthe while diluting its alcoholic strength to ideal levels for proper absinthe enjoyment. Mastering the art of absinthe service can only be achieved with the right fountain; therefore, it’s as essential as absinthe itself.

The copper absinthe fountain is made with a solid-cast method with high-quality materials before being copper plated. It displays an attractive rose gold hue that’s instantly appealing, making the piece unique. The exclusive look makes this collector’s piece a must in any absinthe collection.

Handcrafted by metal welding artisans, this fountain is more difficult to produce, and it’s handmade from scratch; therefore, it is more expensive than other absinthe fountains. Of course, you can’t put a price on art.

Not available anywhere else, we’re the first absinthe merchant to introduce the copper absinthe fountain to the absinthe loving community. An Absinthe Original exclusive, we offer a limited number of these gorgeous fountains for your enjoyment.

Fountain water capacity: 68oz (2 litres), overall height just under: 23.23" (59cm), height under taps: 11.80" (29cm), glass reservoir diameter: 5.91" (15cm), and base diameter: 5.91" (15cm)

"What is it in absinthe that makes it a separate cult? The effects of its abuse are totally distinct from those of other stimulants. Even in ruin and in degradation it remains a thing apart: its victims wear a ghastly aureole all their own, and in their peculiar hell yet gloat with a sinister perversion of pride that they are not as other men." - Aleister Crowley

At Absinthe Original, we’ve been offering the finest authentic wormwood absinthe, spoons and metal absinthe fountains since 1996 with the finest quality standards and the highest customer satisfaction with customers all around the world. We are your absinthe merchant of choice.

Absinthe Fountains Care Instructions
Our fountains were tested with water before leaving the factory and then inspected again in our warehouses before being delivered. Before utilizing your fountain, we recommend hand-washing the globe with soap and room temperature water and pouring water through the spouts. Always take extreme caution when washing glass, and never use hot water. Large temperature swings should be avoided at all costs. The glass does not like sudden temperature fluctuations between hot and cold water. Rapid temperature variations should be avoided when using the glass reservoir. The glass globe and any other pieces should not be washed in the dishwasher.

Did you know that...?
The importance of adding water to absinthe cannot be overstated. You can certainly use a carafe to add water to your absinthe, and many people do. However, a proper absinthe fountain is required to get the full flavor of your drink. Absinthe's high alcohol content keeps all of the herbs and spices used in its production suspended in solution.
The herbs are said to be "hidden" or "locked away" inside the undiluted elixir. When water is added, the alcohol concentration decreases and the herbal oils precipitate out of the solution. This is how the absinthe's flavor and aroma are fully appreciated. The rate at which you add the water will drastically alter the taste of the drink. A quickly dripped absinthe tastes different than a slowly dripped absinthe. The best way to prepare absinthe is with a slow drip of the purest, coldest water available.

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Product Details

Data sheet

Food-Safe Copper-Plated Brass
Water capacity
2 litres
Appearance / Color
rose gold
59cm (23.23")
Height under spouts
29cm (11.80")
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Beautiful fountain

I was very pleased with this fountain. It adds much to the ambience of the absinthe ritual. I was also impressed with the very secure packing. There is no fear about the fountain surviving the shipping process. Very happy with this purchase.

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Reply from Absinthe Original:
Thank you for your valuable feedback, we're so happy to hear that you're enjoying your absinthe fountain.
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