Absinthe Original Special Package

  • Two large 700ml bottles of La Boheme Absinthe Original with 15mg of thujone bottled at 70% ABV
  • Free chromium plated Absinthe Spoon for the traditional preparation of absinthe drink with sugar and water
  • Absinthe Original - Superior Quality Real Absinthe with Wormwood Since 1999
  • Distilled with many herbal extracts including angelica, aniseed, fennel, hyssop, juniper, nutmeg and wormwood
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Product Description

NEW, relaunched Absinthe Original special package with two large 700ml bottles of Absinthe Original. It is one of our best selling absinthe packages. In its elegant new bottle, Absinthe Original looks good, it tastes good, it is good. It has been produced by craftsmen distillers in the Czech Republic since 1999 to our own secret 200 year old Swiss recipe. Only the carefully selected highest quality ingredients are used in its manufacture and it is guaranteed to be free of artificial additives, colorants, and chemicals.

Order two bottles at a discounted price, save on shipping and we'll give you one of our handsomely designed chromium plated absinthe spoons as a gift! The spoon is just perfect for the traditional absinthe serving with sugar and water.

Buying absinthe drinks or absinthe accessory from Absinthe Original is the perfect way to get the gift for the person who has everything. Imagine coming to a party with the one drink that everyone has heard about but few people have tried. When you introduce your friends to the "green fairy" in one of our absinthe bottles, your good time is guaranteed, and you will be the new hero of the party!

La Boheme Absinthe Original is a spectacular product, beautifully made, sophisticated in flavor and, according to painstaking researches, absolutely authentic with regards to historical absinthe at its finest as consumed in New Orleans during la Belle Époque.

Please note that absinthe glasses have to be purchased separately.

If you would like to find out the truth about thujone, wormwood and absinthe, visit our Absinthe Blog.

Did you know that...?
Some people experience a cannabis like high, to mild hallucinations, some compare it to an opiate high and some experience an extreme sense of well being. It has also been known to stimulate creativity and to act as a curative and aphrodisiac. Although absinthe is a high volume alcoholic drink, a person does not experience the traditional drunkenness effects of typical alcoholic drinks, but rather an unusual mental clarity or stimulant in conjunction with the high, because the combination of herbs have a kind off push and pull effect not allowing the alcohol to dominate the high. However it must be said that if you drink too much over too many hours the stability effect of the herbs will wear off and the alcohol will take over with it traditional negative drunkenness effects. Basically absinthe should be savored like a fine wine and consumed with dignity, not as if you were playing some crude drinking shots game.

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Product Details

Data sheet

Bottle size
70cl / 23.670oz
Alcohol by volume
70% ABV / 140 proof
Appearance / Color
olive green
Rated 4.67 on the scale 1 - 5 based on 6 customer reviews
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First time user.....

Of course the taste is definitely something you need to get used to. But maybe I was doing it wrong with the fountain but i didn't see the drink turn into anything....I was hoping to at least experience the visual magic promoted in your advertisements...Do I need to purchase a different kind...

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Reply from Absinthe Original:
Seems like there is a lot of confusion about louche, so let us explain this... When water is added to some absinthes, they become cloudy. This is because the spirit contains components that are insoluble in water (primarily fennel and star anise), and hydration causes them to drop out of solution with the alcohol, turning the drink cloudy with a milky opaqueness known as louche.<br /> <br /> Because Bohemian absinthe recipes use much less anise and fennel in local absinthe production, the majority of our products do not "louche" when water is added. The entire Absinthe Original line becomes slightly cloudy, but there is no strong milky opalescence (louche). It has no effect on quality whatsoever. Because French or Spanish absinthes are generally sweeter, they become more opaque when mixed with water.
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Wonderful. Surprised. Fun

It’s fun to prepare this drink. I was very impressed with the shipping of the item. Have now placed our second order

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Absinthe Original

Great absinthe arrived quickly. Nice clean mindset. Love it. Bob

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