Absinthe Drink Bitter Spirit Three Bottles Special

  • Three 700ml bottles of our finest Absinthe Bitter Spirit with 35mg of thujone and 60% ABV
  • FREE bottle of Absinthe Innocent also with 35mg of thujone, great real absinthe for the first time drinker
  • FREE chromium plated absinthe spoon for the traditional absinthe preparation
  • FREE Absinthe Original T-shirt - a high-quality Absinthe Fairy inspired cotton T-Shirt
  • Finest wormwood bitter absinthe with natural ingredients and no artificial colorings added
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 May 25 - 28
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Product Description

Bitter Spirit Special Set is the perfect opportunity to try Absinthe Original's exceptional and unmistakable taste, which comes out most distinctly when the drink is served well chilled.

Absinthe Original Bitter Spirit, 35mg of wormwood thujone. Real, bohemian style absinthe prepared from carefully selected herbs, the main being grand wormwood - also known as grande absinthe, common wormwood or artemisia absinthium - the main herb in the genuine absinthe containing thujone (which contains the neurotoxin thujone). Absinthe Bitter Spirit is being distilled by craftsmen distillers to a secret 200 year old Swiss absinthe recipe.

Absinthe Bitter Spirit - that is a drink with a really nice balance of wormwood, angelica, aniseed, fennel and many herbal extracts. We guarantee that it is free of artificial colorants and chemicals, this explains why the fine olive green color may appear slightly different from one bottle to the next.

Bohemian absinthe recipes have always meant that less anise is used in local absinthe production, thus Absinthe Bitter Spirit doesn't "louche" when water is added. A whole range of La Boheme Absinthe Original turns slightly cloudy, however, they do not get too milky. It has absolutely no influence on quality whatsoever. Order this unique absinthe set of three bottles of Absinthe Bitter Spirit today and receive cool absinthe t-shirt, free absinthe bottle of Absinthe Innocent and a free chromium plated absinthe spoon as a bonus.

With a new, classy bottle and a new image, but made with the same centuries-old recipe, Absinthe Original Bitter Spirit positions itself up there with some of the most exciting and attractive spirits on earth. If you haven't tried it yet, now's the time. The aroma and flavor, and the rituals behind absinthe make it an experience hard to forget.

All orders shipped within 48hrs - order today and receive your Absinthe Bitter Spirit Special Set in 2-3 days with a 100% delivery guarantee!

Did you know that...?
The phenomenal success of absinthe during the 19th century was due to one factor, the French love of aniseed drinks, opium was pretty popular too in France, hence the hallucinations when combined with spirits that were 140 proof. The modern equivalent of absinthe, pastis, is by far the most popular distilled spirit in France with 125 million litres being consumed annually. Perhaps the reason that so much absinthe was consumed, and absintheurs waxed so lyrically about it was simply because it tasted so damn good.

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Product Details

Data sheet

Bottle size
19.5cl / 6.594oz
70cl / 23.670oz
Alcohol by volume
45% ABV / 90 proof
60% ABV / 120 proof
Appearance / Color
olive green

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Did not disappoint

Quality product as always and impressed with the speed of delivery to the US look forward to continue doing business with in the future.

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Quite a deal

Stock up with this deal.

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Awesome! I just received my Absinthe Bitter special set this morning! May I just say that the shipping time was brilliantly timed as I just returned from work in Nice yesterday!! Also the contents of the package were practically invincible lol...each bottle side by side wrapped in bubble wrap and then packed into a box full of foam. As for the shirt, as soon as I opened the box I put it on and I've been getting nice compliments all day at varsity. Unfortunately though I haven't been able to try the absinthe yet cause I had to leave minutes after the box arrived! I'll be sure to drink some later though! <br /> Thanks for your speedy and safe delivery! Keep up the good work guys. I'll definitely order again very soon.<br /> Travis Moore<br /> Paris"<br />

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Verified purchase

I've just tried absinthe for the first time. Wow awesome shit. I'm doing you a favor by telling you I received my order. I left town this weekend and came home late SUNDAY evening to find my package SITTING on my doorstep. I paid good money for a GOOD product and I'm very HAPPY. I live in a bad area and I thank GOD for watching over my package for 36+ hours in front of everybody that walks down my street. Signature required, I don't think so. You might want to check up on that. Like I said I received my package, no harm done, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!<br /> J.C."<br />

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