Finest Absinthe Thujone Bitter & Gold Set

  • Save $$$ and receive Free Gifts with Finest Absinthe Original Bitter & Gold Set
  • FREE Absinthe Spoon - an authentic reproduction of a historical spoon from the 19th century
  • FREE bottle of Absinthe Innocent - a fine liquor based on fennel, anise, and wormwood
  • Large bottle of King of Spirits Absinth containing 100mg of thujone
  • One large bottle of Premium Absinthe Original Bitter Spirit, 60% ABV, 35mg of thujone
  • Full sized bottle of La Boheme Absinthe Original bottled at 70% ABV with 15mg of thujone
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This is an excellent gift set, with the highest quality absinthe! One of our best selling absinthe packages ever! By buying this absinthe special package, you'll receive our genuine bestseller and finest Absinthe Original with 70% alcohol, Absinth King of Spirits Gold containing 100mg of thujone and top of our range of fine liquors, Absinthe Original Bitter Spirit with 35mg of psychoactive thujone!
Absinthe Original Bitter Spirit is absolutely correct to the original absinthe, more bitter than sweet, but not overkill. A very unique absinthe experience. From its delicate tint to its refined texture and delightfully aromatic finish. The flavor itself is wonderfully smooth and balanced, with a distinct aged character. Absinthe Original Bitter Spirit offers the absinthe connoisseur the genuine Belle Époque absinthe experience and makes an impressively prestigious addition to any collection of finest liquors. We invite you to experience the unrivaled quality, tradition, and mystique that only Absinthe Original Bitter Spirit can deliver.

Absinth King of Spirits Gold - 100 mg/kg of thujone
Absinthe Original Bitter Spirit - 35 mg/kg of thujone
Absinthe Original - 15 mg/kg of thujone
Absinthe Innocent - 35 mg/kg of thujone

Can I buy Absinthe in the US? Absinthe available in the US contains NO THUJONE, the most important psychoactive element that gives real absinthe its kick. The only way of obtaining Real Absinthe with thujone is therefore online. More detailed information is in our FAQ section.

Historical Documents on Absinthe
1910 Encyclopaedia Britannica Entry - Absinthe
ABSINTHE, a liqueur or aromatized spirit, the characteristic flavoring matter of which is derived from various species of wormwood (Artemisia absinthium). Among the other substances generally employed in its manufacture are angelica root, sweet flag, dittany leaves, star-anise fruit, fennel, and hyssop.
A colorless “alcohólate” is first prepared, and to this, the well-known green color of the beverage is imparted by maceration with green leaves of wormwood, hyssop, and mint. Inferior varieties are made by means of essences, the distillation being omitted.
There are two varieties of absinthe, the French and the Swiss, the latter of which is of a higher alcoholic strength than the former. The best absinthe contains 70 to 80% of alcohol. It is said to improve very materially by storage.
There is a popular belief to the effect that absinthe is frequently adulterated with copper, indigo or other dye-stuffs (to impart the green color), but, in fact, this is now very rarely the case.  There is some reason to believe that excessive absinthe-drinking leads to effects which are specifically worse than those associated with over-indulgence in other forms of alcohol.

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I Love This Gift Set

I recently ordered & received this gift set. Let me first say love it! Shipped fast, I received it withing 2 days of order. I will totally recommend it!!!<br />

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Excellent Gift Set

This is an excellent gift set, with the highest quality absinthe I have ever had, much better then that Hills or Pernod crap they sell at the liquor store. Shipping was not as timely as I had expected and actually came a full week before the estimated arrival date, as was so well packed you could not break the bottles even if you tried. Also I thought it a point to mention that unlike the previous reviewer I DID receive the free bottle and spoon. All in all I am very happy with this purchase and will definitely be buying more from this site in the near future."<br />

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Verified purchase

First off just let me say that the shipping was exceptional, and got here in 7 days from the day it was shipped. Every bottle neatly wrapped in bubble wrap and then all together wrapped again, making the contents nearly unbreakable. That having been said, the only thing I can say about Absinthe for those who haven't tried it, is that its like drinking pure alchohol with a hint of Licorice. The first sip goes down and gives you this instantaneous buzz, and I seriously recommend that you mix it with something else because it's Inexpressibly strong. Anyway I got the package and opening it, to my suprise I saw the 3 bottles but not the spoon or the Staroplzenecky Absinthe that the gift set offered. Not a big fuss seeing that they were free to begin with. Just thought that it would be good to have an actual review stating the truth and not the usual "Absinthe Original Rocks!". Anyway quality-wise, Absinthe Original is top notch and I can see my-self getting blitzed with my friends in the near future."<br />

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