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Francis K.


My Mam, pass away recently, and my younger sister who lives in Sheffield Northern England agreed to purchase Absinthe for me, The first time the delivery guy came Around in an unmarked van! I called Original Absinthe and explained myself. I got an Email telling me that my order would again be delivered the following day between the hours of 9am/ 6pm. Which meant that I would have had to stay in all day long. Eventually, I got a knock on my door at about 1:20pm. And it was the delivery guy. He never asked me to sign for my order. Original Absinthe should stop this. And then upon opening my order, I discovered that I didn't get the spoons advertised. I am a Man, and I don't need a tote bag, they could have saved themselves money by sending Me a Pontarlier glass. The absinthe is superb, and I will be ordering again, though I Will be a whole lot more cautious next time around.

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Reply from Absinthe Original:
Thank you for taking time to share your experience. We have no influence over the couriers or their delivery vans I'm afraid. We use DHL Express to deliver all of our orders and we will certainly share your experience with them to do our best it will not happen again.<br /> With regards to the spoon, some of our spoons are out of stock therefore it was most likely replaced by a model that is currently available. All of our absinthe spoons as well as fountains are hand made products and we are working hard to ensure that a sufficient quantity of the spoons is in stock again without any possible quality decrease. We are also taking all necessary steps to avoid such shortages from happening again in the future.<br />
Sara B.
Verified purchase

Thanks again

I have filled several orders with this company and can't say enough about their product, customer service, and speed of delivery. Even their tech support is excellent. Of course, since real absinthe is not available in the US, we are forced to order overseas, but there should be no hesitation about ordering from this company. They go out of their way to insure that the product is delivered in excellent condition and in a timely fashion. And naturally there is the unique character of the absinthe itself. The green fairy is alive and well with Absinthe Original.

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Verified purchase

First time Absinthe

First time buyer/user of Absinth Original. After my first shipment did not arrive, I was offered a full refund.<br /> Seems packages were not getting to destination. International shipping allowed crooks to steal products.<br /> Alex was very helpful and explained that they were setting up a new carrier. They did some sample shipments to the U.S. to work out the bugs. After FedEx got going on shipments, they resent my order. It came in as promised! <br /> We tried the Absinth drip as our first experience and were very happy with the drinks. It is a much different,<br /> mellow buzz. I am very happy with my purchase and plan on trying some of the other types of Absinth in the near future.<br /> Overall, a very pleasant experience.<br /> Danny from the Midwest, usa.<br />

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Lee Bryant
Verified purchase

Very Merry Absinthe Christmas

It was fast approaching Christmas and my partner had always expressed that Absinthe was her favourite tipple she has a taste for it. I haven't even tried it before but I wanted to buy her the best Absinthe I could lay my hands on. After a lot of research and a sore head I decided to go with the original Absinthe brand I read up on the pros and cons of the variety of Absinthe on in the market place and read lots of reviews some positive and some negative about Absinthe the spirit it's effects and brand variety. After placing my order in early December I was trepidatious as to weather my shipment would arrive in good time what with Christmas and postal delays but on the 23rd of December my shipment had arrived. I selected a special offer gift set comprising of a bottle of original Absinthe and another bottle of the Absinthe bitter spirit with a sugar spoon inclusive of the gift set. The package arrived and I opened the well packed box and inspected the items that were bubble wrapped and tightly secured in plenty of cardboard shavings to prevent transit damage, I quickly tapped the box shut and wrapped the gift to my unsuspecting partner. Suffice to say when Christmas morning arrived she was over the moon with her gift and although she hasn't tasted the products yet she assures me she will do so on new years eve. My partner has made me promise to buy her a fountain later in the year for her birthday. I was initially impatient thinking the gift set would not arrive in time for Christmas but everything was fine and my trepidation was banished my parcel arrived from the Czech Republic all in good time and now my partner can enjoy the ritual of the green fairy and she's likely to have a very merry Christmas and an even merrier New year. Thank you Original Absinthe we will let you know how the product performs on taste and effect later but for now we are very happy.

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Darrel P.

Real Thing

If you have not had Absinth, Drink the Real Thing. As well as The Best!

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Justin R

Great Company

I was very happy with my order they are a great company I would recommend it to anyone. Thank for my experience with absinth I will be placing another order soon.

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Darrel P.

Outstanding Quality

The green fairy is alive & doing well. The quality of your Absinth is the best. Thanks for the product and the great service!<br />

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Rene W.

Impressed by Customer Service

The product, Absinthe Innocent, is of wonderful quality and have been very pleased to receive it. I was only concerned about the "processing" time. Again, I am exceptionally pleased with your product and plan to continue to be your customer. <br /> I have told others of your site and they seemed very interested and impressed with your prices and customer service. <br /> Thank you, Rene Williams

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Huseyin, USA

Highly Recommend

Shipping took slightly longer then expected but received it with no problems. The drink... Oh my! :)) Forget all the reviews about Chzech absinthe being bad etc. It's all marketing bull done by other brands to keep you away from this awesome drink. Highly recommend it. You will finally know what absinthe should feel like! And it tastes great. Telling all my friends to buy from here. Thanks guys!

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Personal Experience

For years I have been witness to extremely positive testimonials regarding this wonderful product from Family and Friends, and have finally decided to personally experience this for myself!<br /> I look forward to updating this testimonial!

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Alberto, USA

Customer For Life

I Just got my bottle of Absinthe innocent today. And just let me say it taste and feels amazing very pleased with this website. I'll admit at first I was a bit skeptical about buying over sea's but let me tell you Original Absinthe didn't not fail to impress. Very high quality of absinthe and nothing like the absinthe we have in the U.S Can't wait till my next order. You guys definatly turned me into a believer and you guys earned your self a customer for life! :)

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Chris D., USA

Best on the planet!

Had my first taste of Absinthe at the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam during Museum Night, 2012!! What a rush! Very heady experience! Now I buy all my Absinthe needs from Absinthe Original!! Best alcohol on the planet!!

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Ryan, US

Very Happy Buyer

just a short note to thank Absinthe for there fabulous Gift Set very high quality and well presented, also very fast shipment arrived to me 3 weeks earlier than had be told amazing and will surley be back for my top up supplies Thank You Absinthe Original you have a very happy buyer here <br /> Kind Regards <br /> Ryan

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Damon, USA

Worthy Investment

I got frustrated waiting on the mail man to deliver the remainder of my absingthe #07 set. I was really looking to try the top shelf king gold brand. I & my twin bro decided to "dance with the devil on hand." (The Absinthe Original with the 15ml thujune - Yes, I'm writing under the influence! lol As with others who have testified... the taste took a lil getting use to. I prepared it in the czech republic tradition. The 1st glass I got perfect...the 2nd...not so much. #The contents caught flame# lol Ultimately I broke these servings down into 4 shot glasses.#2 of the correctly done & 2 of the flamed# With a hardy salute...we tipped the shot glasses back & chased with ice water. Now, he's determined to do one more shot with me after having read thru a few of the testimonials with me! We look forward to trying several of the posted suggestions. ONLY THE BRAVE AMONGST US SHOULD CONSUME THIS DRINK NEAT!!! lol This has proven to be a WORTHY investment! I look forward to hosting a party to introduce this to my friends! I am completely immersed into the absinthe culture. I'm gathering collectables for the purpose of showcasing sometime soon! I have purchased 3 fountains, soon 4 T-shirts, Several sets of glasses, spoons, the lighter, the flask... looking at a different & more colorful flask. Both absinthe gift sets. I'm looking to put absinthe on display in my humble home!

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Jason, Canada

My Absinthe Bottle

I just got my bottle of Absinthe Original Bitter Spirit today. All I can say is... yum. Better then the limited selection that the Ontario Canada Crown Corporation, the "LCBO" stocks and sells.<br />

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Lucas J., USA

Impeccable Service

I cannot think of a better website to purchase Absinthe or Absinthe Accessories. I will Absolutely tell everyone i know about this site and the fine quality products as well as impeccable service.

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Beita, US

Great Prices

Hey, I appreciate the reply you gave me earlier. I have heard alot of good things about you and now I can agree with my friends. Many of them have ordered from you in the past and I have tried your products through them. I am very happy with your prices. It's hard to find a supplier for these products at such a great prices. Thanks a lot!!!

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Ansel, USA

Right on time

I received my bottle of Absinthe Original yesterday, which was right on time. Drinking this exquisite drink for the first time leaves me without words in its absolute greatness. The Green Fairy has taken me under her wing. I will be a returning customer for life. Thank you Absinthe Original.

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Edward H., USA

Very Professional

Received my order months ago. A very professional and satisfying experience. Four beautiful flask,and the most unique Zippo lighters, of my zippo collection of 100s. They made wonderful Holiday gifts,and introduced your product to the midwest (Detroit). The best part of course is the enjoyment of the the absinthe. Since your product was not available in the midwest I tried all others and could`nt wait to get back to California and LaFee. Looking forward to a new fountain. Thank you for the for a job well done. 4-2-10

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Lee W., Iowa, USA

This Company Is Amazing

LOVED IT!! This was the second type of absinth I have bought from this site and I loved it, I also bought the flask which looks amazing! And comes with the box and funnel wich makes filling it up so easy i went to some parties with it and a wedding and let a few people drink some of the innocent they loved it to and bought some. I also got the glass and a spoon then received my free spoon a week ago!! This company is amazing! I live in Iowa in the usa and the first order i thought my $100 i spent here was going to be thrown away by the ups but it came to my door in a brown box couldn't even tell what might be in it! And the bottle spoon and glass was all snuggled in nice and tight. I gotta say there boxers really take great care of the bottles! If you haven't ordered because you live in the usa because you think you'll get into trouble don't worry! And buy two bottles!! cause before you know it it'll be gone and other alcohol will never taste the same and you'll be wishing you had more!! Buy the innocent first to it doesn't cost a lot and its 35mg and a nice sized bottle too! Come see the fairy with us!

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