Small Golden Lady Absinthe Fountain

  • Gold plated absinthe fountain, a small, deluxe version of the most popular Lady Absinthe Fountain, two metal spigots, and a smaller glass reservoir
  • Taps are a classical rounded trefoil shape, and the golden lid is embellished with an acorn on top. All metal components are crafted of solid brass, gold plated using 24 karats gold
  • A handmade glass reservoir is supported by a feminine form in the Art Nouveau style popular during the absinthe Golden Era
  • This small, metal absinthe fountain allows a small party of drinkers to accurately prepare their absinthe all at once with a slow drip of icy water
  • Water capacity 50.72 oz (1.5 liters), overall height 18.9" (48cm), weight 5.29 lbs (2.4kg)
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Product Description

What we’ve got today in our hands surpasses even our wildest dreams!

All of our absinthe fountains are handcrafted and one-of-a-kind mouth-blown items, or rather unique works of art with slight variations in expression, pattern, and color. And the small, Golden Lady Absinthe Fountain is a real beauty.

This is no regular metal absinthe fountain, it’s a gold plated absinthe fountain, and that makes all the difference. There’s no comparison in good looks, style, or craftsmanship. This small absinthe fountain, a unique golden treasure, is a worthy representative of the Art Nouveau style, making it a timeless, highly collectible piece.

Plated using 24 karat gold, this small version of our most popular Lady Absinthe Fountain has two spigots and a smaller, different styled glass reservoir with engraved Absinthe Original logo and height of 48cm instead of 60cm.

The two taps have a classical rounded trefoil shape, and the lid is embellished with an acorn on top, all except the engraved glass reservoire is all gold plated metal. There’s no other like it in the market. Both spigots pour steady and precise streams, guaranteeing the proper balance between icy water and premium spirit.

The Lady Gold Absinthe Fountain is the ultimate luxury item for a home bar and will lift an entire room with its finesse and radiance. It’s a great conversation starter too, and a simple excuse to share your passion for absinthe and all the ritualistic ways and traditions around it. It’s perfect for intimate reunions with close friends or a date with that special someone.

We know we want this one for yourself (we do too), but this shiny fountain is the perfect gift for Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or that special someone’s birthday. It’s a lovely wedding gift, it will look great in anyone's office or meeting room, and it’s the best excuse to put together an absinthe party.

Restaurants and bars looking to up their mixology game are stocking on these delightful ornamental gold fountains too, and we can’t even start telling you about the creative uses they’re giving to them. Living in flesh and blood absinthe’s Second Golden Era, there’s no better time to get on board and live absinthe at its fullest, with all its traditions and lore.

As with all our absinthe fountains and orders, included with your gold plated fountain comes an absinthe recipe and history booklet; the versatility of the legendary spirit will amaze you.

These fountains are handcrafted using traditional techniques, just as they were in the Belle Époque era. This can result in minor grazes or imperfections in the finish due to the use of traditional brass casting and plating. In the case of handcrafted glass, the result is a lovely antique-looking effect with small air bubbles and lines, as opposed to the flat and featureless finish of modern machine production. When you use these fountains, you can easily imagine yourself in a Parisian street café 150 years ago!

We carefully pack all our fountains, and they require some easy assembly that involves merely connecting the base to the bowl and placing the cover on top. Please rinse thoroughly before use and always use high-quality water. We guarantee that all our fountains arrive intact in all their splendor.

Water capacity 50.72oz (1.5 liters)
Glass bowl diameter 5.1" (13cm)
Height under taps 7.9" (20cm)
Overall height 18.9" (48cm)
Weight 5.29 lbs (2.4kg)

Since our golden fountains are unique, handcrafted items, we only have a limited number available. Don’t miss the opportunity to be one of the few proud owners of such a rare piece. If you need larger quantities, please contact us.

We also have a limited number of glass replacement bowls available for these small, two-taps fountains. If you need one, please contact us for more details.

Complete the set adding a couple of absinthe glasses, absinthe spoons, and an authentic bottle of absinthe to your order and be the proud owner of every absintheurs’ dream, the unique Lady Golden Absinthe Fountain; an absinthe fountain to rule them all. At Absinthe Original, we’ve been offering the finest authentic wormwood absinthe, spoons and absinthe fountains since 1996 with the finest quality standards and the highest customer satisfaction with customers all around the world. We are your absinthe merchant of choice.

Absinthe Fountains Care & How to Use Instructions
Before leaving the production, our fountains were tested with water and then inspected again in our warehouses before delivery. We recommend hand-washing the globe with soap and room temperature water and pouring water through the spouts before using your fountain. Always wash glass with utmost care and never use hot water. Large temperature fluctuations should be always avoided. The glass does not like abrupt changes between hot and cold water temperatures. Avoid exposing the glass reservoir to rapid temperature changes. Do not put the glass globe or any other parts in the dishwasher.

Pour a dose of absinthe into an absinthe glass, place an absinthe slotted spoon across its rim, and add a sugar cube atop the spoon. The amount of sugar used is subject to one's preference.

Place the glass so that the sugar is exactly beneath a spout. Remove the lid of the fountain to fill the glass globe with fresh water and ice. Always fill the fountain with room temperature water before gradually adding ice. It's crucial to use room temperature water because using frigid water or ice first can create thermal shock, which can fracture the glass. Place the lid back on.

The cold water will slowly trickle over the sugar cube below and into the absinthe glass with a small turn of the spigot key. Turn the spigot key parallel to the fountain arm to fully open the spigot, letting the water to flow in a gentle stream. The water reacts with the botanicals in the absinthe, releasing different oils that begin to scent the air with fennel and anise. Adjust the amount of water and sugar. Stir and sip slowly.

The amount of water and sugar you use is entirely up to you. This procedure is comparable to making a cup of tea. Some people prefer their tea a little sweeter or with a little milk (English tea lovers) than others. You make your absinthe according to your preferences. The absinthe-to-water ratio varies depending on the alcohol percentage of absinthe, the amount of absinthe consumed, and your personal taste preferences. A basic rule of thumb is one part absinthe to three to five parts water.

When your gathering is over, pour any remaining water and ice out of your fountain, making sure to open all spouts where water will remain. Allow the fountain to dry overnight by turning it upside down on a bar towel. There is no need for additional cleaning if only water has been used. If you need to rinse, allow the glass globe to cool to room temperature. Before each use, make sure the water is always fresh.

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Product Details

Data sheet

Food-Safe Gold-Plated Brass
Water capacity
1.5 litres
Appearance / Color
48cm (18.9")
Height under spouts
20cm (7.9")
Rated 4.75 on the scale 1 - 5 based on 4 customer reviews
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The piece is beautiful and the customer service has been the best I’ve EVER experienced!

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Lovely and Unique!

This lovely absinthe fountain reflects classical beauty from a more endearing Era. <br /> <br /> <br />

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Super beautiful. Great quality. Fast shipping.

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Gold Fountain

The fountain itself has a luxurious feel and is very wonderful. The body is divided into three. The mouth of the lid is wide and easy to wash inside.<br /> This is a partial glass perfect if you have spare parts.

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