Lady Absinthe Fountain

  • Handmade, mouthblown glass, metallic type plating over brass with four spouts and spigots for up to four glasses of absinthe at one time
  • A perfect, fully functional exact handmade reproduction of the most famous absinthe fountain style, with four working taps
  • 11.81 inches under the spout will accommodate all glasses and still have plenty of fall to dissolve sugar and look nice
  • This absinthe fountain is shipped carefully packaged and will require some easy assembly
  • The fountain's base is padded with felt, which protects your table from scratches and makes the fountain less likely to slide
  • Water capacity 68oz (2 liters), overall height just under 24" (59cm)
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Product Description

This metal Lady Absinthe Fountain is without a doubt our most popular absinthe fountain. A perfect, fully functional exact reproduction of the most famous absinthe fountain style, with four working taps. If you are into absinthe in a serious way, you need one of these! It is used to drip the cold water (over sugar usually) into a glass of absinthe from a height to help dissolve the sugar and for a little bar theater. Handmade, mouth blown glass, metallic type plating over brass with four spouts and spigots for up to four glasses of absinthe at one time - showy and eliminates the line at parties. Casting is solid, heavy and decently done. Fit and finish are excellent, and all aspects of this fountain have been meticulously reproduced from classic originals. From the hand-etched glass reservoir to the beading around the base. 8 inches under the spout will accommodate all glasses and still have plenty of fall to dissolve sugar and look nice.

These hand-crafted fountains were created using classic methods, precisely as they were in the Belle Époque. This may result in minor grazes or finish flaws due to the conventional brass casting and plating process employed. In contrast to the flat, featureless finish of contemporary machine manufacture, traditionally made glass has a lovely antique-looking quality with tiny air bubbles and lines.

All our fountains are handmade and mouth-blown unique products - or rather individual works of art with small variations in expression, pattern and color. These absinthe fountains are shipped carefully packaged and will require some easy assembly. This involves simply connecting the base to the bowl and placing the cover on top. We suggest that you rinse the glass bowl and taps with room temperature water before first use.

Absinthe glasses, spoons, sugar or absinthe bottles have to be ordered separately, they are not part of absinthe fountains.

Water capacity: 68oz (2 liters)
Overall height just under: 23.23" (59cm)
Height under taps: 11.80" (29cm)
Glass reservoir diameter: 5.91" (15cm)
Base diameter: 5.91" (15cm)

Our absinthe fountains, glasses, spoons or absinthe liquors have been already supplied to many bars, clubs, hotels or restaurants in Thailand, England, France, Australia, Japan, Austria, Czech Republic or the United Arab Emirates. If you would like to buy any of our products in larger quantities, please contact us for wholesale prices.

Absinthe Fountains Care & How to Use Instructions
Before leaving the production, our fountains were tested with water and then inspected again in our warehouses before delivery. We recommend hand-washing the globe with soap and room temperature water and pouring water through the spouts before using your fountain. Always wash glass with utmost care and never use hot water. Large temperature fluctuations should be always avoided. The glass does not like abrupt changes between hot and cold water temperatures. Avoid exposing the glass reservoir to rapid temperature changes. Do not put the glass globe or any other parts in the dishwasher.

Pour a dose of absinthe into an absinthe glass, place an absinthe slotted spoon across its rim, and add a sugar cube atop the spoon. The amount of sugar used is subject to one's preference.

Place the glass so that the sugar is exactly beneath a spout. Remove the lid of the fountain to fill the glass globe with fresh water and ice. Always fill the fountain with room temperature water before gradually adding ice. It's crucial to use room temperature water because using frigid water or ice first can create thermal shock, which can fracture the glass. Place the lid back on.

The cold water will slowly trickle over the sugar cube below and into the absinthe glass with a small turn of the spigot key. Turn the spigot key parallel to the fountain arm to fully open the spigot, letting the water to flow in a gentle stream. The water reacts with the botanicals in the absinthe, releasing different oils that begin to scent the air with fennel and anise. Adjust the amount of water and sugar. Stir and sip slowly.

The amount of water and sugar you use is entirely up to you. This procedure is comparable to making a coffee. Some people prefer their coffee to be a little stronger, little sweeter or with a little more milk than others. Your absinthe is made according to your preferences. The ratio of absinthe to water varies depending on the type of absinthe used, the amount of absinthe consumed, and your personal inclination. One part absinthe to three to five parts water is a good rule of thumb.

Pour any remaining water and ice out of your fountain, making sure to open all spouts where water will remain. If you need to rinse, always let the glass reservoir to cool to room temperature. There is no need for additional cleaning if only water and ice was used. Allow the fountain to dry overnight by placing it upside down on a bar towel. Before each use, make sure only the fresh water is used.

Did you know that...?
The proper addition of water to absinthe cannot be overstressed. You can certainly add water to your absinthe by using a carafe and many people do. But to get the complete flavor from your drink, you really need an absinthe fountain. The high alcohol concentration of absinthe keeps all of the herbs and spices used in its production suspended in solution. You could say that the herbs are "hidden" or "locked away" inside the undiluted elixir. When the water is added, the alcohol concentration begins to fall and the herbal oils start to precipitate out of the solution. This is how all of the flavor and aroma of the absinthe is enjoyed. The rate at which you add the water will change the taste of the drink drastically. A fast dripped absinthe will taste different than a slowly dripped absinthe. The best method to prepare an absinthe is with a very slow drip using the purest, coldest water you can find.

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Product Details

Data sheet

Food-Safe Nickel-Plated Brass
Water capacity
2 litres
Appearance / Color
59cm (23.23")
Height under spouts
29cm (11.80")
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Husband loved it

Got this for my husbands birthday he’s been wanting one for awhile he loves it, he couldn’t stop looking at it

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Lady A!!

The detail and quality of the Lady Absinthe Fountain is very good!! It is very attractive and a beautiful addition to our home bar

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Reply from Absinthe Original:
Candace, thank you for your positive review of our Lady Absinthe Fountain! We are delighted to hear that it is a beautiful addition to your home bar. Our company strives to provide the highest quality product and we're so pleased that the detail and quality exceeded your expectations. We take great pride in the craftsmanship that goes into producing our top-of-the-line fountain.<br /> <br /> Thank you again for choosing Absinthe Original, it was a pleasure serving you.
Verified purchase
Verified purchase


Arrived safely, quickly, much sooner than expected and working accurately. Dispenses the perfect amount of water with various drip levels. Absolutely beautiful and perfect for our Absinthe nights!

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