Pure Spirit Hanacka Vodka Silver

  • Premium Czech grain vodka, five times distilled and six times filtered through active coal
  • Award-winning vodka - awarded gold medal in the 2021 Vodka Masters Premium Category
  • Crystal clear smoothness, uncompromising quality, premium design frosted bottle
  • Unique alcohol content of 40.13% (80.3 proof), selection of the finest grain spirit
  • The oldest vodka in the world that has been produced for centuries since 1518
  • Pure, all-natural vodka using spring water drawn from a deep 10,000-year-old spring
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Product Description

Vodka is possibly the clearest example of a distilled spirit, with its crystal-clear appearance and neutral flavor. Vodka has been around for decades and has never lost its popularity since it is such a flexible spirit; it has a clean, smooth, creamy taste, whereas other vodkas have little or no flavor.

Look no further than Hanacka Vodka if you're looking for an award-winning, all-natural vodka with outstanding smoothness and discriminating taste. From start to finish, Hanacka is vodka perfection. Crafted and bottled with love and pride in one of the most remote regions of the Czech Republic, Hanacka Vodka Silver is an up-and-coming, award winning, premium vodka brand that embodies all of what makes Eastern Europe the vodka capital of the world.

The basis of Pure Spirit Hanacka Vodka Silver is crystal clear water from deep wells in the Moravia region and a variety of wheat that has ripened under the sun in fertile fields, giving the vodka its delicious fine taste. The oldest Slavic vodka has been made in the town of Prostejov for centuries – since 1518. The first known distiller was Mates of Prostejov, the founding father of the craft in the town, he used a simple method by measuring alcohol percentage contents with a silver Prague groschen coin in a hydrometer. The vodka was made according to a strict standard of honest craftsmanship to achieve the optimal alcohol content of 40.13%. The remarkably pure drink was referred to as “vodička” (little water), later shortened to vodka. That’s why Hanacka Vodka is the oldest vodka in the world.

Coming from a long line of Moravian spirit distillers dating back to 1518, our master distiller and his predecessors spent years perfecting the centuries-old vodka recipes, overseeing every step of the 5-step distillation process to ensure the quality and taste of today’s original Hanacka Vodka Silver. This careful process improves the texture and flavor of the vodka, elevating it to the next degree of purity.

Learn why you should never freeze premium vodka.

Should I mix premium vodka in cocktails?
We don't advise it because, similar to whiskey, many vodkas share the same flavor profile and switching vodkas in a cocktail might simply have an impact on your wallet rather than your taste buds. Yes, different vodkas have distinctive characteristics, but these differences are so minute that you might not even notice them in your drink.

Did you know that...?
Vodka is the purest kind of alcohol on the market. It has no sugar, carbohydrates, or calories, making it an excellent alternative for anyone wanting to reduce their intake of these substances.
Because vodka is one of the purest alcoholic beverages available, it generally does not contribute as much to a hangover as other spirits. This is due to the fact that vodka has minimal contaminants, which might contribute to the severity of a hangover.

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Data sheet

Bottle size
70cl / 23.670oz
Alcohol by volume
40.13% ABV / 80.3 proof
Appearance / Color
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Purchased this for the favorite Vodka lover in my world. Enjoyed it, asked when I will be ordering more!<br /> Will do.

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