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Absinth Zubehör

Herzlich Willkommen in der Werkzeugkammer der Absinthe Original. Hier finden Sie klassische Absinth Glaser, Löffel, Fontainen, Pfeifen, Karaffen sowie weiteres interessantes Zubehör, welches den Absinthgenuss vollendet.

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 Lady Absinthe Fountain   Lady Absinthe Fountain 
A perfect, fully functional exact reproduction of the most famous absinthe fountain style, with four working taps. If you are into Absinthe in a serious way, you need one of these! It is used to drip the water (over sugar usually) into a glass of ab... mehr >>>
 £149.99  £119.99  Buy Now 
 Absinthe Zippo Lighter   Absinthe Zippo Lighter 
Absinthe Zippo Lighter from Absinthe Original. Perfect for Absinthe Fans and Zippo lighter collectors! Enthusiasts of Zippo lighters will be delighted by this new design that is available only from Absinthe Original. With artwork by artist Kyle Cunnin... mehr >>>
 £29.99  OUT OF STOCK
 Absinthe T-shirt   Absinthe T-shirt 
Be the envy of your friends in one of our exclusive absinthe T-shirts. Designed especially for La Boheme by the London fashion designer, they are manufactured from the finest cotton and are guaranteed to wash and wash without loosing their good looks.... mehr >>>
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 Absinthe Spoon Keyring   Absinthe Spoon Keyring 
We are the only store to sell this small absinthe spoon designed as keyring. You can carry this small absinthe spoon always with you and never miss the opportunity to prepare the absinthe ritual! This absinthe spoon designed as keyring is also great... mehr >>>
 £5.99  £3.99  Buy Now 
 Absinthe Spoon   Absinthe Spoon 
Unentbehrlich für das Feuerritual, wie unter dem Link Trinkritual beschrieben, ist dieser originale Absinthlöffel Fleche aus Frankreich. Mit "feuerfest" ist gemeint, daß er das Abbrennen von alkoholgetränkten Zuckerwürfeln problemlos aushält. D... mehr >>>
 £5.99  Buy Now 
 Absinthe Spoon   Absinthe Spoon 
Unentbehrlich für das Feuerritual, wie unter dem Link Trinkritual beschrieben, ist dieser originale Absinthlöffel aus Frankreich. Mit "feuerfest" ist gemeint, daß er das Abbrennen von alkoholgetränkten Zuckerwürfeln problemlos aushält. Dieser s... mehr >>>
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 Absinthe Spoon   Absinthe Spoon 
This absinth spoon is a replica of a spoon called Les Cuilleres with a separate sugar cradle in the middle of the handle. Some of the larger absinthe glasses can only be used with this type of spoon. Used for serving absinthe in the time-honoured way ... mehr >>>
 £9.49  £7.99  Buy Now 
 Absinthe Original Gift Set   Absinthe Original Gift Set 
What a fantastic combination! 70cl bottle of Absinthe Original comes in this hand made luxury gift box with matches, sugar, an absinthe spoon and absinthe glasses - everything needed to enjoy the tradition and ritual surrounding absinthe. Struggling t... mehr >>>
 £124.99  OUT OF STOCK
 Absinthe Glasses   Absinthe Glasses 
Two of the wonderful heavy based absinthe glasses (9oz/240ml) in a beautiful presentation box. Absinthe Original glasses add a touch of style to absinthe drinking. Each piece is engraved with exceptional detail, using a technique perfected and develo... mehr >>>
 £13.99  Buy Now 
 Absinthe Glass Versailles   Absinthe Glass Versailles 
What better way to enjoy your glass of absinthe than with this pressed absinthe glass from Cristallerie La Rochere of France? This glass is based on an original 19th century design. It is very rugged and suitable for every day use. Based on an origina... mehr >>>
 £6.49  Buy Now 
 Absinthe Glass Pontarlier   Absinthe Glass Pontarlier 
Wer ein möglichst authentisches Absinth-Glas mit robuster Qualität sucht sollte hier zugreifen. Dieses Glas ist eine Replika des original "Pontarlier" Absinth-Glas aus der Belle Epoque. Im fuß befindet sich ein Reservoir, um die korrekte Menge Absi... mehr >>>
 £6.99  Buy Now 
 Absinthe Glass Perigord   Absinthe Glass Perigord 
This heavy molded glass is known as the 'Perigord' absinthe glass. Its sturdy construction makes it ideal for every day use. A fine hand-blown reservoir glass. This piece is identical to antiques now found on the market, and is still made by an origin... mehr >>>
 £5.89  Buy Now 
 Absinthe Fountain Lady Small   Absinthe Fountain Lady Small 
Simply beautiful absinthe fountain. A handmade glass reservoir is supported by a feminine form in the Art Nouveau style popular during the heyday of absinthe. The two taps are a classical rounded trefoil shape, and the lid is embellished with an acorn... mehr >>>
 £99.99  Buy Now 
 Absinthe Fountain   Absinthe Fountain 
Diese Fontaine stellt alles Dagewesene in den Schatten! Es ist eine detailgetreue Replika der Originale aus der Belle Epoque. Die Fontaine besitzt 4 Metall Hähne, einen abnehmbaren Deckel, einen Filter und kann zur Reinigung komplett auseinander gesc... mehr >>>
 £149.99  £119.99  Buy Now 
 Absinthe Flask   Absinthe Flask 
This hand made refillable Absinthe Original Flask is perfect for sneaking a quick drink... whether it's absinthe, whisky or vodka... this sleek device can hold five ounces of your favourite drink. These liquor flask sets make great gifts. If given ear... mehr >>>
 £12.99  Buy Now 
 Absinth Gift Box   Absinth Gift Box 
This small, beautiful Absinth Gift Set is perfect as a birthday, anniversary or Christmas gift as it contains all to enjoy fine glass of premium absinth! It is also ideal as a business or corporate holiday gift. The hand crafted wooden box contains on... mehr >>>
 £76.99  Buy Now 
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Absinthe Spoon Keyring
Absinthe Spoon Keyring
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Had my first taste of Absinthe at the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam during Museum Night, 2012!! What a rush! Very heady experience! Now I buy...

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