Green Fairy Absinthe Cotton T-shirt

  • Men's short-sleeve, crew-neck T-shirt with Absinthe Green Fairy inspired graphics on front
  • This unique edition of cotton tees for men is limited to a few hundred items only
  • High quality Absinthe Fairy inspired black T-shirt, made from super soft ringspun cotton
  • Manufactured from 100% Quality cotton, genuine Absinthe Original trademarked clothing
  • Celebrate the Belle Époque period of French and Eropean history with this awesome T-shirt
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Product Description

Wish every day could feel like a laid-back Saturday morning? Just put on the Absinthe Original tee and you will instantly love the soft feel and great fit! Be the envy of your friends in one of our exclusive absinthe black T-shirts that were designed especially for Absinthe Original by a young London fashion designer. These T-shirts are manufactured from the finest, super-soft ringspun cotton and are guaranteed to wash and wash (see the care instructions below) without losing their good looks. Each edition of absinthe T-shirts is limited to a few hundred items only. Absinthe cotton tees for men are often purchased as a gift for Stag Nights, Bachelor Parties, Valentine's Day or Birthdays.

T-shirt Recommended Sizing

For men, we suggest ordering the size you normally wear in a T-shirt. If you are between sizes, you may want to order a next larger size.

For women, we suggest ordering the size you normally wear in a standard unisex T-shirt or order a size down from what you wear in a women's cut tee.

Cotton T-shirts Care Instructions

1. Wash Less as Less is More
Less is more in this case. When it comes to your laundry, that is undoubtedly sound advice. A 100% cotton T-shirt should only be washed when absolutely necessary for maximum endurance and durability.
Even though excellent cotton is durable, each wash stresses the natural fibres, causing your T-shirt to age and fade more quickly. As a result, one of the most crucial strategies for extending the life of your favorite tee is to simply wash it less.

2. Turn T-shirt Inside Out Before Putting in The Washing Machine
This method will provide the shirt prints more "protection" and less direct touch with other clothes and T-shirts. This simple technique is quick and effective, ensuring that printed T-shirts last longer. Apart from T-shirts, this can also be used on jeans to keep the color from fading and maintain the original fresh color tone.

3. Wash Your T-shirts With Cold Water
A 100% cotton T-shirt does not like heat and may shrink if washed too hotly. It is obvious that detergents perform better at higher temperatures, therefore finding the correct balance between washing temperature and successful cleaning is critical. T-shirts with darker colors can normally be washed entirely cold, however the Absinthe T-shirt should be laundered at roughly 30 degrees (or it can be washed at 40 degrees if needed).
Washing your black T-shirt at 30°C or 40°C (86-104° Fahrenheit) ensures a longer-lasting, crisp appearance and lowers the danger of undesired coloration, such as markings under the armpits. However, washing at lower temperatures has a positive impact on the environment as well as your wallet: lowering the temperature from 40 to 30°C can cut energy consumption by up to 35 percent.

4. Avoid Using Bleach or Fabric Softeners
Regular dishwashing liquid will suffice. It is sufficient to clean and refresh your T-shirts. The use of bleach or powerful detergents such as softeners may damage heat transfer printing on a garment, such as vinyl prints. Choose a gentler detergent to care for your printed T-shirts.

5. Wash Similar Clothes Together
Black with black and white with white! Brighter colors should be washed together to keep your summer tees looking fresh. When light colors are washed together, the likelihood of a white T-shirt turning grey or even being colored (think pink) by another clothing is reduced. Darker colors can usually be washed together in the machine, especially if they have already been washed a few times.
Sorting your clothes by fabric type will help you get even better results: Sporting goods and workwear may have different requirements than a delicate summer shirt. A quick glance at the care label is always helpful if you're wondering how to wash a new outfit.

6. Do Not Iron T-shirt Prints - Iron on Reverse
Cotton might be more or less prone to wrinkles and creases depending on the fabric of the T-shirt. Creasing can be minimized by handling your T-shirts correctly while removing them from the washing machine. You can also gently stretch or jiggle each clothing to get it back into shape.
Take additional care around the neckline and shoulders: you don't want the T-shirt to lose its shape if you stretch them too far. If your washing machine offers a feature that allows you to 'reduce creases', you can utilize it to avoid wrinkles. Decrease the spinning cycle of your washing machine to further reduce creasing, but be aware that your T-shirt will be slightly moister when it comes from the machine.
We recommend ironing your T-shirt on reverse and using the steam feature on your iron. If you dampen cotton materials before ironing them, the fibres will be smoother and the garment will flatten more easily.
A steamer, rather than a traditional iron, is often recommended for a better look and gentler treatment of your T-shirt.

7. Avoid Dryers at All Cost
Dryers are fantastic because they save us time, but they are especially bad for T-shirts and their prints. Keep in mind that heat is always harmful for prints! They shrink clothing and T-shirts (particularly cotton T-shirts), and they harm T-shirt prints by cracking or peeling them. The best method for drying garments is to hang them up to dry.

8. Store Your T-shirts Correctly
T-shirts should be folded and stored on a flat surface if possible. When hung for an extended period of time, knitted fabrics may expand.
If you insist on hanging your T-shirts, use wide hangers to disperse the weight more evenly. If you're hanging your T-shirts, make sure the hanger is inserted from the bottom to avoid straining the neckline too much.
Finally, avoid direct sunlight during storage to avoid color fading.

Did you know that...?
T-shirts trace back to the late 1800s, when laborers would cut their jumpsuits in half to stay cool during the hotter months of the year. Between the Mexican-American War in 1898 and 1913, when the US Navy began providing them as standard undershirts, the first produced t-shirt was invented. Even so, it took until 1920 for the term "t-shirt" to be officially recognized by the English lexicon, thanks to F. Scott Fitzgerald's use of the term in his novel 'This Side of Paradise'. Despite the fact that the t-shirt was invented in the early twentieth century, it was rarely seen as anything more than an undershirt. After WWII, it wasn't uncommon to see veterans wearing a t-shirt tucked into their trousers, although t-shirts were virtually solely worn underneath "appropriate" clothing.

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Best looking shirt

Great fit colors

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Nice Shirt ! Awesome designe!

I love the Logo Designe, It looks great and is well printed ! The shirt has an very good quality ! I recomend to buy one size bigger because of the neck !

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