Absinthe Original Innocent

  • If you have never tried absinthe - Absinthe Innocent is a great absinthe for the first time drinker
  • Absinthe Innocent is a fine liquor based on anise, fennel, and wormwood
  • Due to the lower content of alcohol, it is also ideal for women or as a main ingredient in cocktails
  • Created using plant extracts including grand wormwood, anise, and fennel
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Absinthe Innocent is a great absinthe for the first time drinker and due to its lower content of alcohol, it is also ideal for women or as a main ingredient in cocktail recipes. Absinthe Original Innocent is a genuine Verte Suisse absinthe liquor, distilled using 11 plants, including angelica and grande wormwood. Steeping a mixture of aromatic plants in the distillate produces its natural green color. The taste of this real absinthe is just as absinthe was meant to be. It accomplishes what many other absinthes are just trying to accomplish. It is a refined combination that makes no attempts at being overly complex just to stand out. The background herbs dance around the dominant flavors in a delicate and complimentary way. Now, for the first time since 1912, you too can legally partake of absinthe, thanks to the European Union's pointing out a loophole in the U.S. ban. Absinthe Innocent is a fine liquor based on anise, fennel, and wormwood. These and other herbs give the fabled Fée Verte, or Green Fairy, her grassy color. When the chlorophyll dies, absinthe turns, like fallen leaves, to a highly prized dark amber hue. Our Innocent Absinthe has been created in response to many requests we have had for a thujone absinthe that is lower in alcohol, is slightly more bitter but which still has all the characteristics that give absinthes their reputation. Absinthe Innocent has similar alcohol volume as Chartreuse absinthes (usually 38% - 55% alcohol) but unlike Chartreuse, Innocent is not as sweet absinthe. It is a fine addition to our range of original absinthes.

Whether you're buying absinthe for yourself, as a gift, or for a unique party, you can be assured that Absinthe Original Innocent will get you the best absinthe experience.

We have already supplied many hotels, bars, restaurants or clubs in Japan, Thailand, Australia, England or the United Arab Emirates. Wholesale absinthe prices are available on request, please contact us for details.

Did you know that...?
By the mid-1870s the green hour had become a daily ritual at many of Paris' 366,000 bars and cafes. From 1875 to 1913 the annual consumption of absinthe per inhabitant in France increased fifteen times, by 1913 drinkers were consuming 10.5 million gallons of absinthe a year. The French referred to this wild era as "the great collective binge", for it seemed as if the entire nation was drunk on absinthe.
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My Review for Absinthe Original Innocent

If you like Black Licorice, then this is a drink you will love. I personally am not the biggest fan of the taste, but beyond that, you will feel other worldly good. Every time I've ordered and experienced this specific bottle, It's been an absolute blast and has allowed me to relax, loosen up and have fun.<br /> <br /> 100% recommend.<br /> <br /> ps - Disregard the state of my desk, it's old and well worn, lmao

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Save a Tree; Hug a Toilet

Does the projectile vomiting scene in The Exorcist give you the warm fuzzies? Do you want to spend hours of your evening hallucinating that a purse is a very small, judgmental dog? Do you want to damage your romantic relationships with a string of texts that sound like they were written by Van Gogh's missing ear? <br /> <br /> This is the drink for you, my friend. Innocent, indeed.<br /> <br /> That being said, Absinthe Original is a fantastic company. The service was prompt, and the bottles arrived intact. I don't hate the company or their product. I hate myself.

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A must try, despite the price. You can get it shipped to ur house in US. U dont have to sign for package-just dropped at door. From date of order to arrival 1.5wk in US.

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Okay but not great.

The service was great, the delivery fast for international. I should have done more research on Czech absinthe, as it’s very different from French and Swiss style - clear, no louche, very low in anise flavor, which as a personal preference is my favorite aspect of absinthe. The flavor is a bit medicinal with not a lot of depth, but not altogether undrinkable. If this is representative of a Czech absinthe, it is unlikely that I will but one again.

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