Absinthe Original Innocent - Small Bottle

  • Absinthe Innocent - less alcohol, more thujone and handsomely designed small bottle
  • Pocket size absinthe - perfect as a gift or a surprise for the unique party
  • Hen Night, Stag Night, Bachelor Party, Fathers Day, Wedding... any occasion is PERFECT!
  • Bottled at 45% ABV with 35mg of thujone - Absinthe Innocent will get you the best absinthe experience
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Product Description

Absinthe Innocent - less alcohol (45% ABV / 90 proof), more wormwood thujone and handsomely designed pocked-sized, smaller bottle. Despite its size, this small bottle of wormwood absinthe contains 19.5cl (6.594oz) of absinthe Green Fairy which makes it ideal as a gift, a special surprise for an unique party or it is just perfect for sneaking a quick drink... Either way, you can be assured that our Innocent Absinthe will get you the best absinthe experience and you will finally know what absinthe should feel like!

As well as our other fine absinthe originals, this absinthe drink contains no artificial colorings, additives or preservatives. Absinthe Original Innocent is being distilled using 11 plants, including angelica and grande wormwood. Steeping a mixture of herbs in the distillate produces its natural green color, the taste of Absinthe Original Innocent is just as original absinthe was meant to be. It accomplishes what many other absinthes are just trying to accomplish. It is a refined combination that makes no attempts at being overly complex just to stand out.

Absinthe Innocent is a fine absinthe alsohol based on fennel, anise, and wormwood. These and other herbs give the fabled Fée Verte, or Green Fairy, her grassy color. Our Innocent Absinthe has been created in response to many requests we have had for a genuine wormwood absinthe that is lower in alcohol, is slightly more bitter but which still has all the characteristics that give absinthe its reputation. Due to its lower content of alcohol (90 proof), Absinthe Innocent is ideal for the first time drinker, for women or as a base in many cocktail recipes.

There are many different ways of drinking absinthe, visit our absinthe drinks section for some great suggestions and cocktail recipes.

Did you know that...?
Absinthe became one of the first liquors to crack the gender barrier, much as the speakeasies did during America's bout with prohibition. Unlike the established and conservative liquor companies, the young Turks of the absinthe trade directed advertising at women. Consequently, absinthe cafes and clubs promoted a level of drinking equality previously unknown in France.

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Product Details

Data sheet

Bottle size
19.5cl / 6.594oz
Alcohol by volume
45% ABV / 90 proof
Appearance / Color
olive green
Rated 5.00 on the scale 1 - 5 based on 11 customer reviews
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Good Stuff

First time trying Absinthe, really enjoyed it.

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Good Stuff!

The package arrived fast. I was very happy with the shipping. The flavor was great very smooth. Next time I will be ordering a bigger bottle.

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Great Introduction to Absinthe

This was my first time purchasing absinthe and I wanted to start off with something simple and basic, but high quality. This product met my expectations and was very enjoyable. I will definitely continue to pursue my budding interest in absinthe based on this experience.

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Awesome Drink

Shipping took slightly longer then expected but received it with no problems. The drink... Oh my! :)) Forget all the reviews about Czech absinthe being bad etc. It's all marketing bull done by other brands to keep you away from this awesome drink. Highly recommend it. You will finally know what absinthe should feel like! And it tastes great. Telling all my friends to buy from here. Thanks guys!<br />

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Don't Drink It Straight

Bought a bottle of this a couple years ago and shared it with a friend one night. Together we drank about 2/3 of the bottle and I must say it was the best drunk I have ever had. I felt physically intoxicated, but my mind felt clear as a bell. It was so incredibly interesting to experience. My friend and I had some very interesting, and rather in depth conversations that we wouldn't have normally had so I would say absinthe definitely boosts creativity in sufficient quantities. What's left of that bottle is actually still at my friends my friends house and I decided I have a hankering for it again so I decided to buy another bottle. Liked this so much I actually found this website back and seeked it out to buy it again. Tastes a lot like Jaegermeister so drinking it straight isn't recommended.<br />

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