Absinthe Glass Versailles

  • This absinthe glass is decorated in a beautiful Baroque style inspired by the historic Palace of Versailles
  • The level to which the absinthe should be poured is indicated with a line, for a perfect proportioning
  • Versailles absinthe glasses are based on an original 18th century design embossed with the elegant shell and flower motif
  • Each Glass is approximately 5.5 inches tall and 3 inches in diameter
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Product Description

The Versailles absinthe glass is like no other, it is shiny and very strong. These glasses are made in France in a glass factory that dates back to the 1500's. Their glassware has been used by kings and monarchies and Versailles absinthe glasses are simply beautiful and look elegant! Reminiscent of days past, they beautifully catch and reflect light like a diamond!

What better way to enjoy your glass of absinthe than with this pressed absinthe glass from Cristallerie La Rochere of France. This glass is based on an original 18th century design with exquisite shell and flower motif inspired by the historic Palace of Versailles embossed on the glasses. These glasses bring beauty and elegance to any table or gathering, whether casual or formal.

The seems on these glasses are hardly noticeable. Very faint as the glass is molded. Produced by a French company with a long history of molded glassware, setting the standard for that type of glass. You will like the weight and the feel in your hand, appreciate how it sparkles and therefore, it has what we would call a masculine appeal. These glasses are very French provencal and attractive from a women's point of view.

Wonderfully elegant everyday glasses will keep their clarity and durability even after numerous trips through the dishwasher. These are extremely sturdy, heavy thick glasses that will last you generations. The Versailles absinthe glasses bring the elegance and richness of European history to any table.

Absinthe & Sugar? Check our absinthe rituals!

Would you like to know why Hemingway smuggled bottles of absinthe? Read our history of absinthe.

Each Glass is approximately 5.5 inches tall and 3 inches in diameter. These absinthe glasses are dishwasher safe.

Preparing your absinthe the theatrical way
Absinthe is among the most popular drinks not only in France but across Europe and even in the United States. But it is more than just a tasty alcoholic beverage, it’s a ritual. To prepare your absinthe, you begin by pouring about an ounce of the greenish liquid into an absinthe glass. On top of the glass you place a flat, slotted spoon on which a single sugar cube rests. And now comes the theatrical variation on traditional French ritual, performed by Johnny Depp’s character in the 2001 film From Hell. Soak the sugar with absinthe first, and then set it on fire, allowing the heat to melt the sugar before you mix in the drink. Finally, you stir the liquid with the spoon, and then drink.

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15cl / 5.072oz
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285g / 0.6283lb
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Nice Glassware


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Beautiful glass

Love using it with spoon

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Very nice!

Beautiful piece of glassware, solid. Great quality!

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Excellent quality

The glass arrived quite quickly and was very well packaged. The glass has very intricate detail in it and looks vintage. It is a gift and I am sure the recipient will love it.

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Nice Glass , Let it burn !

Good glasswork ! Nice quality ! Great designe ! There are no problems with this glass, even if you like it the bohemian way and burn your absinthe !

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