Staroplzenecky Absinth - Small Bottle

  • Smaller bottle, 20cl version of Staroplzenecky Absinth
  • Contains 10mg of thujone, 64% abv.
  • Distilled in forests of Bohemia with the finest wormwood, pure grain alcohol, and spring water
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Product Description

This bottle of Staroplzenecky Absinth is a smaller version of the 50cl bottle. Staroplzenecky Absinth is a strong alcoholic liquor made with herbal extracts, the main herb being wormwood, sweet fennel, and star anise. An emerald green absinthe with a distinctive bottle and taste. Staroplzenecky absinth is manufactured in the Czech Republic according to the traditional French absinthe recipe with 64% alcohol (128 proof) and a production method that has been improved in excess of today's required standards. Absinthe Staroplzenecky contains 10 mg/l of wormwood thujone.

Absinthe is now purported to be legal in the US as long as it is THUJONE FREE! How strange as real, wormwood absinthe is made from Artemisia Absinthium, the herb that gives absinthe it’s name, and produces thujone so what is the truth are they selling absinthe? We don't think so.

Did you know that...?
The French went on a propaganda campaign against absinthe not long after their grape vineyards started to recover from the blight that destroyed many of the vineyards. Absinthe was cheaper and definitely packed a more powerful punch than wine, opium was pretty popular too in France, hence the hallucinations when combined with spirits that were 140 proof. It was difficult to convince the French people to drink wine instead of absinthe so trashing it as poison was what they did. Kinda like what the church group did when they funded the movie Reefer Madness.

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Product Details

Data sheet

Bottle size
20cl / 6.763oz
Alcohol by volume
64% ABV / 128 proof
Appearance / Color
emerald green
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Nice taste with calming effect.

This was the very first absinthe experience for me. I went skiing on ice while slowly consuming half of the bottle mixed in 1l of water and 10 cubes of sugar. The experience was plain beautiful!

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Excellent Product

Excellent product and plan on buying more. Neatly packed and marked fragile. Nice design and my mother said the look reminds her of mouth wash but the taste is wonderful and full of flavor. Definitely not mouth wash.

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Drink with Ice Cold Water

The shipping was kind of long maybe because i had no patience but when it arrived I poped it in a glass with ice cold water and drank it! it was awesome i recommend to buy this item to test it i give it a 10/10<br />

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Best Purchase For My B-day!

This was the best purchase I have made in a long time! The best part of it is that I've received it on my birthday... my 21st b-day<br />

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Verified purchase

I received it about a week early =) great choice for a first absinthe. I highly recommend this absinthe as well as this company.<br />

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