Absinthe Original - Three Bottles Offer

  • Two large bottles of Absinthe Original with 15mg of thujone and 70% alcohol
  • One 500ml bottle of Staroplzenecky Absinth bottled at 64% abv
  • FREE bottle of fine Absinthe Innocent with 35mg of thujone
  • FREE chromium Absinthe Spoon for your perfect Absinthe Experience
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$189.62 $215.47
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Product Description

This is another package that has been prepared based on our customer's suggestions. With this unique offer, you'll receive two large, 700ml bottles of our La Boheme Absinthe Original liquor and one 500ml bottle of emerald green Bohemian style Staroplzenecky Absinthe with 10mg of Thujone. And as a gift, we'll give you one chromium plated absinthe spoon and a 195ml bottle of Absinthe Innocent completely FREE of charge saving you more than $50.00.

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La Boheme Absinthe Original - 15mg of thujone
Staroplzenecky Absinth - 10mg of thujone
Absinthe Innocent - 35mg of thujone

This three bottles absinthe set will most likely be shipped in two separate parcels.

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Emerald Green
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That should pretty much some up Absinthe Gold! Listen, to all the skeptics out there...I "was" one, until I tried AG! Did one shot waited 20 minutes, and was SOLD! I'm not a light weight by any ones standards. I went through my first bottle, and I am about to order my 2nd. Great Job guy's capturing it's original recipe, and "us" the consumer being able to purchase it. The real problem is most if not all websites promise to give you the best bottle of Absinthe "huh"...Listen to me my friends, I"m no longer a skeptic here, I"m a believer and a customer for life!!!<br /> Mike...NJ"<br />

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