Pack of 2x Absinthe Glasses & 2x Absinthe Spoons

  • 2x Absinthe Spoons "Toulouse Lautrec" - high quality reproductions of antique Absinthe spoons
  • 2x Absinthe Glasses "Pontarlier" - perfect reproductions of antique Absinthe glasses
  • Classic La Rochere collectible glass - Heavy duty feel, Dishwasher safe
  • Great quality heavy glasses perfect to use with a fountain and spoons
  • Dimensions: 6 1/2"H x 3 1/4"W
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Product Description

Pontarlier Absinthe Glass is a heavy, chunky glass that feels quite substantial in the hand. The shape appears to be something that came straight from the nineteenth century. The most interesting and useful aspect of this particular design is the small bulbous reservoir at the bottom of the glass. It acts as a measuring jigger and by filling it up to the line you have just the right amount of absinthe to make a perfect drink. Use it together with a proper absinthe spoon to fully appreciate the experience.

Pontarlier absinthe glasses are a fantastic absinthe-tasting and collectible items. Designed especially for preparing and serving Absinthe. A heavy machine-molded 'Pontarlier' style absinthe glass is created using the original, recently rediscovered 19th-century mold. These glasses are replicas of the Pontarlier glass featured in the painting by Charles Maire. The volume is quite large, approximately 25cl or 8.5 fl. oz. – just over half a U.S. pint, helping the drinker to appreciate delicate aromas and flavors from the best absinthes without overfilling. We are sure that Pontarlier Glasses will make a fine addition to your barware collection.

French absinthe ritual
First you pour roughly three ounces of absinthe into a heavy parfait-style stemmed absinthe glass. A sometimes elaborately perforated absinthe spoon is set upon the rim of the glass and on the spoon is placed a cube of sugar. Ice-cold water is ever so slowly dripped from a glass carafe designed specifically for that purpose, onto the cube. The sugar dissolves and you continue pouring until the ratio of absinthe to water is about two to five parts, depending upon your taste and fortitude. Give the absinthe drink a spin with the spoon and drink like you dripped - slowly.

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25cl / 8.454oz
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