La Boheme Absinthe Original

  • Absinthe Original was the first real Absinthe that entered the UK market in 1999
  • Bottled at 70% with 15mg of thujone, blend of wormwood, 13 herbs and spices in solution
  • Best enjoyed using the traditional method of drinking with sugar and water
  • Absinthe Original's fine deep olive green color occurs as a result of its natural ingredients
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Real Absinthe Original is made by craftsmen distillers to a secret 200-year-old Swiss absinthe recipe and it is said by connoisseurs to compare with the rarest French cognacs. The complex and distinguished taste is rounded up by a well blended herbal mix with the pronounced taste of wormwood and coriander. In its elegant new bottle, this original absinthe looks good, it tastes good, it is good. Only the highest quality ingredients are used in its manufacture and it is guaranteed to be free of artificial colorants and chemicals. Absinthe Original contains many herbal extracts including angelica, aniseed, coriander, hyssop, juniper, nutmeg and wormwood. Just as the original absinthes of Belle Époque, Absinthe Original too draws its powerful mind-bending buzz from Artemisia Absinthium, or grande wormwood, the notorious mountain plant whose strange effects have fascinated humanity since the times of the Ancients. Absinthe Original's fine deep olive green color occurs as a result of its natural ingredients with no artificial colorings added. This also explains why the color may appear slightly different from one bottle to the next. Absinthe Original may also change color over time. This is what makes our absinthe the most authentic and desired brand in the market. In fact, these subtle variations in color have always been considered the hallmark of high-quality, genuine, real Absinthe and in the Belle Époque period, it actually distinguished a genuine Absinthe from an imitation or artificially colored products. Always drink absinthe well chilled either with a little sugar and water or as a base for your favorite absinthe drink. Either way, La Boheme Absinthe Original is one of life's great pleasures. And always remember, must be served over ice!

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Absinthe is culture, absinthe is history and absinthe is the lifestyle.

Buy absinthe today from our store and you will receive your bottle of Absinthe Original with a 100% delivery guarantee! No custom hassle or any other problems you have to be worried about.

Did you know that...?
The medicinal use of wormwood dates back to at least 1600 B.C. The Egyptians used the bitter herb as an antiseptic, a stimulant and tonic, and as a remedy for fevers and menstrual pains. The Greeks prescribed it for jaundice, rheumatism, and anemia. The Romans used wormwood to aid digestion, for upset stomach and to cure bad breath. The leaves of the shrub-like perennial were also used to expel intestinal worms, hence its English name.
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My First, My Prized

Among all of the exceptional and bold choices of absinthe I have ordered from here, this was my first investment from five years ago. I shared it with friends as a gift to them and as a bragging conversational topic. Everyone had, and still continue to, praised this delightful treat and found themselves regretting the poor options they had to endure before finally tasting something worth while.

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The Green Fairy lives

The whole order process went well, I had some issues with getting the correct payment to process but the seller did a great job and my order arrived sooner than expected. The Absinthe is excellent<br />

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Always Great

I've ordered from here a couple of times. Always great service and I love the taste. My last order was Gift set 3 and everything was in good shape. I would say absinthe is definitely unique and can be an acquired taste. No green fairy :3. If your looking to try something new and have the money, I'd say it's worth a shot.<br />

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Definitely Unique

I received the package in good shape and on time. I had ordered two bottles of the original absinthe. I first tried it with some friends. We used sugar and chilled water. Everyone was sort of surprised by the liquorice taste, it takes some getting used to. I gave one of my bottles as a holiday gift to my sister in law. The next time I tried it I decided to use soda. All I had in the house was Dr. Pepper. Surprisingly, it helped with the taste. I drank about 4 glasses of it like this, and the high was different. It was sort of a lucid drinking feeling. I normally drink Irish Whiskey, and by the time I would have 4 glasses I would start rambling or sort of getting rowdy. However, this was different. I still had good control of my thinking and wasn't experiencing any unusual emotions, mostly just relaxed. Still, I had this feeling I wasn't experiencing what everyone seems to be talking about. So, the third try, I used root beer because it is caffeine free, and holy cow. I'm not sure why I didn't experience it the first two times, but the first drink really had an effect on me. I could tell there was something really strong ahold of me. I should have been cautious at that point. I could have had just one more drink and not needed anymore. However, I just kept drinking. I probably had around 5 drinks this time... and it felt like I was drugged. Seriously, I wasn't out of control or mouthy, and still had control over my emotions, but I believe I see what they mean about the green fairy. So, I know now what its about and I'm satisfied it wasn't just hype, its the real deal. Be very careful with this stuff. I over did it and around bed time, had to unload it. Then I slept great, and strangely felt fine and relaxed the next day. Definitely keep it in moderation though, if you don't think you can, have your wife hide it from you after a couple. Its definitely unique.

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