Absinthe Spoon Keyring

  • Never miss the opportunity to prepare the absinthe ritual!
  • This small absinthe spoon designed as keyring is also perfect as a gift
  • Sits perfectly on a rim of an absinthe glass
  • When you also buy our absinthe flask, you can create absinthe party out of your pocket!
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Product Description

Absinthe Original Liquor Store is most likely the only store to sell this small absinthe spoon designed as a keyring. The spoon has a lot of slots for the sugar to pass through. You can carry this small absinthe spoon always with you and never miss the opportunity to prepare the absinthe ritual! To learn how to properly perform one, please visit our cocktails, recipes and rituals page.

This small absinthe keyring spoon is also great, a small gift often purchased together with our absinthe glasses. It sits perfectly on a rim of an absinthe glass. Great addition to your keyring or absinthe spoons collection.

As with all our absinthe spoons and orders, included with your absinthe keyring comes an absinthe recipe and history booklet; the versatility of the legendary spirit will amaze you.

Did you know that...?
Absinthe has a high alcohol content - nearly 80% / 160 proof and a slightly bitter flavor. Adding water and sugar before drinking it worked wonders in improving its mass appeal. Unlike other alcoholic beverages, which have a sedative effect, absinthe was reputed to provide exceptional clarity of thought. Artists relied on it for inspiration and imagery. Among those who swore by absinthe were Van Gogh, Degas, Toulouse-Lautrec, Picasso, Hemingway, and Edgar Allen Poe. Oscar Wilde was a fan too, and was famously quoted as saying: “After the first glass, you see things as you wish they were. After the second, you see things as they are not. Finally you see things as they really are, and that is the most horrible thing in the world.”

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Stainless Steel
Appearance / Color
9cm (3.54")
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The ring holding the spoon may be called a key ring but the spoon itself is stretching it a bit :) because of the size. An absinthe spoon is an absinthe spoon after all.<br /> As with the flask, the material is quite strong, and the handle's kink gets the angle correctly (maybe with a bit of an extra squeeze depending on the glass you're using).<br />

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So excited

I’m not sure how I will mix or make. I’ve had Absinthe in a fine dining location in Austin Tx and fell in love with this.

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Prepare everywhere

Awesome Keyring ! Now I can prepare my Absinthe everywhere ! It is well made and an eyecatcher ! Also an nice piece to start an conversation !

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