Absinthe Couperose

  • Absinthe Couperose stands for youth, strength, and singularity
  • Couperose is due to its red color and very distinctive flavor suitable for absinthe cocktails
  • Less anise is always used in Traditional Bohemian absinthe recipes
  • Bottled in the Czech Republic at 60% with 10mg of thujone
  • Perfect for parties, celebrations and spooky Halloween absinthe cocktails
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Product Description

Absinthe Couperose is our first red absinthe. Different quantities of herbs added during maceration give this unique red Absinthe a very distinctive bitter flavor and red color. Absinthe Couperose stands for youth, strength, and singularity. This Bohemian style absinthe is due to its red color and very distinctive flavor more than suitable for absinthe cocktails. However, if you like your drinks strong then you can drink Absinthe Couperose neat. All in all, a more intense experience for those able to handle it. Contains 10 mg/l of thujone.

Who doesn’t like a glass of rosé wine, champagne or sparkling wine in the summertime? Whilst everyone has heard of Absinthe Rosinette thanks to the famous poster, the truth is that there haven’t been too many naturally coloured red or rosé absinthes since. This is partly due to the fact that there being fewer red pigments in nature than green ones, as chlorophyll is universal pigment found in green plants. It is also due to the relative lack of stability of red pigments.

Whereas the ‘colouration step’ in the production of absinthe verte adds flavour from the multiple plants employed, the color in a rouge or red absinthe is likely to derive from just one or two plants and the flavour contribution may be far less significant. With an absinthe red, rouge or rosé it is much more about appearance, a red absinthe is unusual, it gets noticed. Well, it does if it is in a clear glass bottle and here is the core problem for absinthe makers. A newly bottled red or rosé absinthe looks great so why not show it off in a in a clear glass bottle? The problem is that the longer the bottle sits in the sunlight the more it will fade. The red pigments of nature turn orange and then fade completely over time, there is a reason red wines are bottled in colored glass. This is the distiller’s dilemma; show off the color that took so long to get right and accept that it will deteriorate over time or put the absinthe in colored glass where no one can see it?

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Did you know that...?
Absinthe, the once much-reviled brew, gained most of its infamy through the manufacture of inferior products during the French Absinthe heyday, when wine supplies dropped dramatically. In the scramble to capitalize on the massive demand for Absinthe, many companies began creating foul 'Absinthe' colored with Copper Sulphate and with Ammonia added to create the "all-important Louche". Both of these chemicals are highly toxic when ingested...

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Bottle size
50cl / 16.907oz
Alcohol by volume
60% ABV / 120 proof
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Great Buy - Drink It Neat!

This really is a great drink, it was a long wait, but it was worth it. No louche because of its clarity, but drinking neat is worth it. I can't stop drinking it neat, it's a nock out punch to your tongue for a first time Absinthe Drinker, but after a couple of more shots you get used to it. Definitely a great buy :-)

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