Absinth Beetle

  • Absinth Beetle - Premium Bohemian Style Absinthe Exclusive to Absinthe Original!
  • Each bottle of Absinth Beetle contains giant beetle Spiny Devil Walkingstick
  • It boasts 70% of alcohol, no chemicals or artificial coloring agents
  • Absinth Beetle is a very unique absinthe drink containing 35 mg of THUJONE
  • The Australian beetle and a great mixture of herbal extracts makes an extraordinary product
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Product Description

Absinth Beetle - Limited Quantity Absinthe Exclusive to Absinthe Original Liquor Store!

Absinth Beetle is unquestionably a very unique, 140 proof absinthe containing 35 mg of thujone. Great mixture of herbal extracts creates an extraordinary product with unique, bitter wormwood taste. Each bottle of Absinthe Beetle contains giant beetle Eurycantha horrida also known as Spiny Devil Walkingstick. Its magic shape without a doubt expresses the product's mystery. Absinth Beetle is REAL absinthe containing no chemical additives or colorants. Launched in a few selected premium stores in Prague, this absinthe with the bug was sold out in minutes! Absinth Beetle is a Limited Edition Absinthe available from our store, Absinthe Original only!

The walking stick is not poisonous or harmful and is considered vegan in its eating habits, so while we don't recommend eating it, it's not as dangerous as some of the other things people have been putting in bottles recently. It may also discourage others from casually having to drink your absinthe.

For over 25 years our range of wormwood absinthes has pleased customers from L.A. to Netherlands, from New York to Japan and beyond.

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Did you know that...?
Though fortified with a formidable measure of alcohol, a depressant, absinthe is also infused with powerful herbal stimulants, creating a psychic tug of war in the mind of the imbiber. Alcohol relaxes inhibitions and invites in new ideas, and the stimulants allow you to logically process the new data. Foremost of the stimulants is thujone, the psychoactive chemical at the heart of the herb wormwood, which, along with anisette, gives absinthe its bitter, black liquorish taste. While once thought to instigate similar reactions as marijuana's THC, recent research suggests it modulates the neurotransmitter GABAA, which plays a vital role in cognitive thought. Subsequently, absinthe provides a level of clarity not usually associated with alcoholic drinks.

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Product Details

Data sheet

Bottle size
70cl / 23.670oz
Alcohol by volume
70% ABV / 140 proof
Appearance / Color
olive green
Rated 4.93 on the scale 1 - 5 based on 14 customer reviews
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What they don’t mention in movies and shows is this stuff is harsh being high ABV. Do not take a shot and make sure it’s mixed properly, you may regret it. I personally enjoy it, my wife not so much. We did a regretful shot the night of arrival in celebration of a promotion. Don’t do that it’s 70%. I made a drink of a base of Absinth Beetle, a splash of quality rum and root beer and ice. I thought it was strong but good, my wife did not so I had 2 glasses. The anise does give a black licorice taste (like a very mellow sambuca comparatively). But indeed a different type of feeling after consumption, I would not use the word “drunk”. Highly recommend for a prestige Absinth experience. I look forward to filling a shelf and reviews with the other varieties they offer.

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It went down much smoother than Absinthe original but had about the same effect. (except no aftertaste). Good to have in a collection for a really bad day. I haven't tried the beetle itself yet. O_o

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Perfect present

Got it for my bf, he loved it. He tells about this present to everyone and showing pictures:). It is really cool looking and great tasting present!

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Most excellent muse

Quality matters, moments count, life is both...rarely can you buy both... take a chance and live.

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Beetle has delicious bite!

Something different with some earthly notes that dance about the pallet, a treat!

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