6 Absinthe Cocktails You Can Try If You Feel a Little Adventurous

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If you didn’t know that you can make an absinthe drink right at home, then this article is right for you. Go ahead and browse our online liquor store to procure some high-quality wormwood absinthe and make some mighty impressive absinthe cocktails for your friends when they come over. You can even create a speakeasy atmosphere while serving these as you've seen in the video above. The US did ban this intoxicating green drink back in 1915, but the ban got lifted back in 2007. Our online store has a great selection of absinthe liquor that you’re bound to love. That is including the famous Absinthe King of Spirits Gold.

King of Spirits Gold Absinthe stands as a testament to the allure and mystique of this legendary spirit. Renowned as the strongest absinthe on the market, it boasts a staggering 100mg of psychoactive thujone, the component often associated with the spirit's fabled effects. This exceptional absinthe is celebrated for its close resemblance to the pre-ban absinthe, capturing the essence of a bygone era. However, due to its high thujone content derived from wormwood, King Gold Absinthe remains unattainable in the United States, where only thujone-free absinthe is permitted for sale. Its unavailability in the US adds to its enigmatic appeal, making it a sought-after treasure for enthusiasts who yearn to experience absinthe's historical potency and mystique.

While some varieties of absinthe alcohol may be better than others, all of these absinthe brands offer strong flavors of anise and none of them have been scientifically proven to cause hallucinations. Well, no one can be too sure because almost all of the absinthe bottles consist of trace amounts of an herbal compound known as thujone. This herb has been known for quite some time now to be mind-altering. Some have reported weird mind and body experiences and everybody who has had it agrees that this can provide you the most fantastic experience you can have in your life. Some sceptics believe that these effects can only be experienced by drinking too much of an absinthe with high alcohol content (90-150 proof).

Absinthe Cocktails

Well, why not counter the problems of quantity with quality? The best way to satisfy your adventurous side is by making some great absinthe cocktails. In most of the cocktails mentioned here, absinthe is used quite sparingly. It is due to the high alcohol content and the strong flavors (depending on the brand, of course). Absinthe tends to stand at around 90-150 proof (45% to 75%) alcohol content therefore the spirit is mixed with larger volumes of some less potent spirits. That being said, they all feature absinthe rinses and you can see just a little swirling in each glass. This makes sure your absinthe cocktails have some extra intensity and trace of licorice flavors.

1. Absinthe Frappe

Absinthe almost certainly is always high in proof and it needs a little water to bring down its strength. This is the exact idea that was behind the Frappe and this works as an easy method of transforming the strong absinthe drink into something as simple as an iced drink.

In order to formulate this for your absinthe party, all you need is an ounce of absinthe. Next, you will have to use your slotted absinthe spoon to set the sugar cube on top of your drink. Now begin pouring icy cold water onto the cube until it dissolves into the drink. You should try and add at least 3 times more water than absinthe.

Absinthe cocktails with lemon slices

2. Death in the Afternoon

What could be more decadent than the idea of mixing Champagne and absinthe? How about pairing this with oyster appetizers? The drink got its name from a book written by Ernest Hemingway who also happened to contribute to a book of cocktail recipes himself.

The author’s instructions were to pour a jigger of absinthe into your best Champagne glass and then add iced Champagne until the drink forms opalescent milkiness. This recipe was then followed up by the instruction of having 3 to 5 of these cocktails – but slowly.

3. Chrysanthemum

Try having your friends pronounce the name of this absinthe cocktail. Especially after you had a few drinks! This drink is a real absinthe party favor. It had been adapted for the classic Savoy Cocktail Book. It really grabbed a lot of people’s attention simply because of its combination of liqueur Benedictine and dry vermouth – and of course – the key ingredient, absinthe. The ingredients of this absinthe drink comprise many spices and herbs and it’s simply amazing how they come together without canceling each other out.

4. Absinthe Sazerac

Absinthe cocktails have strong flavors due to the drinks' high alcohol content. However, some recipes just require a rinse of the green substance. These cocktail drinks include some tiki drinks, Corpse Reviver #2 and what we’re talking about right now – the Absinthe Sazerac.

This particular drink is made very differently as opposed to absinthe cocktails because of the fact that absinthe is poured into the glass, then swirled before it is finally discarded. All this does is that it adds a layer of aroma and complexity into the final product. Adding a Peychaud bitter into the drink for garnish is recommended.

Pairing this exquisite cocktail with cigar can enhance the tasting experience significantly. When selecting a cigar to pair with Absinthe Sazerac, one might consider cigars with balanced strength and rich flavor profiles, like the Oliva cigars from Swiss Cuban, as they can harmoniously complement the cocktail’s strong notes. A cigar with a smooth draw and consistent quality can accentuate the cocktail’s balsamic flavor and the intriguing hint of tobacco, enhancing the overall sensory experience. Such cigars, with their nuanced profiles, bring out the hidden subtleties in the Absinthe Sazerac. The interplay between the aromatic smoke and the cocktail's complex layers creates a symphony of flavors, enriching each sip. This thoughtful pairing transforms a simple drink into a sophisticated, multi-dimensional experience, inviting the connoisseur to indulge in a moment of pure gustatory pleasure.

5. Absinthe Suissesse

The Absinthe Suissesse, a classic absinthe cocktail, is a delightful and creamy concoction that beautifully complements the unique flavors of absinthe. This elegant libation typically combines absinthe, orgeat syrup, heavy cream, and a touch of orange flower water, resulting in a luscious, frothy creation. Originating in New Orleans, this cocktail has gained a devoted following for its velvety texture and subtle, herbaceous notes. The Absinthe Suissesse offers a balanced and refreshing experience, making it a beloved choice for those seeking a sophisticated and indulgent absinthe-based libation. Whether enjoyed as an aperitif or a nightcap, this timeless cocktail continues to captivate enthusiasts with its harmonious blend of flavors and luxurious mouthfeel.

In this absinthe cocktail, the green liquor will be mixed with an almond-flavored syrup known as orgeat. The cream and egg whites give the drink a kind of milkshake froth texture. Now you may have heard about the danger of adding raw eggs to absinthe with wormwood – but these are mostly exaggerated. Don’t believe us? You can look up how people in New Orleans have this as a breakfast absinthe drink.

6. Corpse Reviver #2

Despite its very prohibitive name, this particular absinthe drink can still be found in countless variations. Whichever one you try though, you will be experiencing one of the best among absinthe cocktails.

Would you believe that this drink was initially created as a hangover cure? It’s no surprise then that this cocktail contains fin and a lot of other strong flavors. Whether this drink cures your hangover or not, we do know that this absinthe drink is very enjoyable; it’ll be refreshing enough to really wake you up.

You may even be able to find a Corpse Reviver #2 that is somewhat of an absinthe with lemonade cocktail, containing lemon juice, orange liqueur, and many assortments of gin. With all these amazing ingredients in this drink, you’re in for the perfect cocktails for your absinthe party.

Absinthe cocktail drink

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