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Testimoniales des clients

Testimonial by Rick, USA
Hey guys i must say i have never been nervous about trying a alc. in my life, i love all the exotics from jagermiester to a strong import beer, but this stuff had me shaking in my boots so to speak, and to tell you all the honest truth... its great !!!!!! I have never felt all the hair on my body stand on end before and i just melted into my chair after that, i cant wait to get another bottle of the original or maybe i'll go for the absinthe king?? I'm not sure yet but i WILL be back for sure!!!
Testimonial by Russ, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Received my order yesterday, 10 days to the day it was shipped, and in perfect condition. The mailman just smiled, so I'm assuming he knew what was in the box. I just couln't resist the temptation, and opened the Absinthe original. Most definitely is the real deal. The buzz was perfect, but one must recognize that you need to be in the right place, at home preferably. I am sure that I will be the hit of my boat club this year when I bring this stuff out, once again, I am very satisfied, and Thank You for the service you have provided me.
Testimonial by Jeremy F. in Minnesota USA
I placed a very large order just before christmas so it took some time to get here. It took about a month but it did come and I am reasonably impressed with the service.
Anyways I can't say enough about this site and the liqour it's fantastic my best friend and I had the best time we've had in a long time VERY EXELENT PRODUCT.
First drink was Traditional with water sugar and ice (good but not great).
Second was the flaming sugar thing (again good but not great).
We found out that it mixes very well with coke or bloody mary mix, again fantastic stuff it has to be expierenced! I will not deal with anyone else as far as Absinthe is concerned you've got a customer for life La Boheme! Thank You again.
Testimonial by Jon M. G., Anchorage, AK
Thank you for your prompt address of my first order of Absinthe. And thank you for sending such a high quality product to me, too! Cheers to the distillers for making such a wickedly delicious drink! It is with tearful gratitude that we in the US can still order such a fine product from such a fine company as yourself! I am ordering my second bottle on-line and look forward to trying other products. Please send me a newsletter! Thanks again!
Testimonial by Andrew L, USA
I was very impressed with how reliable and expeditious La Boheme was with my order. Living in South Florida I was skeptical as to the length of time my order would take and if I would even receive it. Needless to say I was thrilled when I received both of my orders only 7 calendar days after the ship date! The packaging was completely dicrete, which was very handy as I had them shipped to my office, and the bottles were very securely packed. In total, I waited only 12 calendar days from the time I made my order until I had the items in-hand!
Testimonial by Shawna in Michigan USA
You guys rock I got my Absinth today and I must say you guys are wonderful at sending these bottles. They are truly beautiful, I tried it for the first time straight and it was amazing taste to it. Thank you!!! I will be ordering more in the future!!
Testimonial by reznorfan, usa
I was a virgin absinthuer when I made my order from original absinthe and I must say that I am more than pleased with the timely shipping and quality of the bottles I recieved. My preffered method of mixing? Absinthe king gold and cola! Nothing better.
Testimonial by Hodg, Scottdale, PA
Absinthe is a dream come true... I don't have to buy weed and booze separate anymore... I absolutely love this stuff. Only took a week, and it was at my front door. God Bless you all!
Testimonial by Amber, Minnesota, US
I am glad that your product made it through customs. Arrived much quicker than they said! Packaged beautifully, you could drop it and it would NEVER break! Quality produce as well, though I can't tell you if I hallucinated because I don't remember lol. I recommend this website to anyone looking for a bottle of top quality Absinthe! Thank you La Boheme.
Testimonial by Nick Faulkner, Florida
My brother and I bought a couple bottles from Saint Marteen in the caribean on a cruise last month - needless to say, the rest of the cruise was FANTASTIC - it definitely makes for an " instant party " - prefer the " classic " method - but also enjoy it with Ginger Ale on the rocks.....
Testimonial by Dan, USA
Thankyou for the quick delivery. After it was processed I received my King of spirits gold about 9 days later. That means about 5 business days. That was a whole lot quicker than I expected. Not to mention that the absinthe was great, I will be ordering more bottles from you guys. I was sceptical on the fact if I would even receive my order because I heard horror stories about companies losing orders etc. But you guys were great, you would answer my emails with detailed info and had a great professionalism about yourselves. Thank you, you definitely have a returning customer.
Testimonial by Mitch, Canada
All I can say is wow! Extremely fast shipping time, I ordered a bottle of Absinthe Original Bitter Spirit on October 25th, woke up this morning to the doorbell ringing (November 1st) and sure enough, there was my very well packaged bottle of Absinthe! It only took 7 days to ship from La Boheme to Canada!! I wasn't even sure I'd get it but its here now and I couldn't be happier! Hell I've ordered other stuff on the same day, from Canada and I still haven't recieved those items. No doubt in my mind that I will order again once this bottle is gone (which should be this weekend). Anyone having second thoughts about ordering from La Boheme shouldn't worry at all, top notch service in my books! Thanks alot La Boheme, you have made me (and a few select friends) very happy!
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