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Absinthe Gift Set 02
Absinthe Gift Set 02
1.Absinthe Original
2.Absinthe King Gold
3.Absinthe Original Bitter Spirit
4.Absinthe Glass Versailles
5.Absinthe Spoon
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Absinthe Original - strong, thujone, real absinthe.

Absinthe Original
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Absinthe Spoon Keyring Absinthe Spoon Keyring ¬£5.99 ¬£3.99 
We are the only store to sell this small absinthe spoon designed as keyring. You can carry this small absinthe spoon always with you and never miss the opportunity to prepare the absinthe ritual! This absinthe spoon designed as keyring is also great... mehr >>> In den Warenkorb
Absinthe T-shirt Absinthe T-shirt ¬£9.98 ¬£6.99 
Be the envy of your friends in one of our exclusive absinthe T-shirts. Designed especially for La Boheme by the London fashion designer, they are manufactured from the finest cotton and are guaranteed to wash and wash without loosing their good looks.... mehr >>> In den Warenkorb
Absinthe Spoon Absinthe Spoon ¬£9.49 ¬£7.99 
This absinth spoon is a replica of a spoon called Les Cuilleres with a separate sugar cradle in the middle of the handle. Some of the larger absinthe glasses can only be used with this type of spoon. Used for serving absinthe in the time-honoured way ... mehr >>> In den Warenkorb
Absinthe Original Bitter Spirit Absinthe Original Bitter Spirit ¬£59.98 ¬£54.97 
Absinthe Original Bitter Spirit is prepared from carefully selected herbs, the main herb being grand wormwood - also known as grand absinthe, common wormwood or artemisia absinthium - the main herb in the genuine absinthe. As well as Absinthe Original... mehr >>> In den Warenkorb
Absinthe Bitter Special Set Absinthe Bitter Special Set ¬£189.95 ¬£149.99 
Absinthe Bitter Spirit & FREE Absinthe t-shirt! It may sound unbelievable but it is true! This is Limited Time Offer, so you better Act Now!!! REAL THUJONE ABSINTH! Absinthe Bitter Special offer is available for the first time and this offer will end ... mehr >>> In den Warenkorb
Absinthe Gift Set 08 Absinthe Gift Set 08 ¬£109.97 ¬£99.98 
Absinthe Original and Absinthe Original Bitter Spirit special gift set was originally created to celebrate relaunch of these two popular absinthe products. Both in new elegant bottles, improved recipes with more thujone, they simply look good. Both of... mehr >>> In den Warenkorb
Absinthe Gift Set 07 Absinthe Gift Set 07 ¬£294.90 ¬£239.99 
Finest collection of premium Absinthe Liquors in one great Gift set! By buying this absinthe special package, you'll receive our genuine bestseller Absinthe Original with 70% alcohol, Absinth King of Spirits Gold with 100 mg of thujone and top of our ... mehr >>> In den Warenkorb
Absinthe Gift Set 04 Absinthe Gift Set 04 ¬£249.94 ¬£209.98 
We have combined this fine selection of top quality Czech absintes available on the market in this very popular absinthe special package. Genuine Absint Original in its elegant 700ml bottle, King of Spirits Absint with blend of herbs and last but not ... mehr >>> In den Warenkorb
Absinthe Gift Set 03 Absinthe Gift Set 03 ¬£167.95 ¬£139.95 
Three large 700ml (23.67oz) bottles of our original Absinthe available in one special gift set. This absinthe package is ideal for parties, celebrations and weddings. La Boheme Absinthe Original also makes an ideal present for a special friend, we can... mehr >>> In den Warenkorb
Absinthe Gift Set 02 Absinthe Gift Set 02 ¬£156.96 ¬£124.99 
With this unique offer, you'll receive two 700ml bottles of our premium liquor Absinthe Original and one 500ml bottle of Staroplzenecky Absinthe. And as a gift, we'll give you one chromium plated absinth spoon and 195ml bottle of Absinthe Innocent com... mehr >>> In den Warenkorb
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Just got my shipment of absinthe, the packing was incredible, a very speedy delivery! I will definately be back for more soon. This site is ...


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