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Absinthe Bitter Special Set
Absinthe Bitter Special Set
1.Absinthe Original
2.Absinthe King Gold
3.Absinthe Original Bitter Spirit
4.Absinthe Glass Versailles
5.Absinthe Spoon
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Absinthe Original - strong, thujone, real absinthe.

Absinthe Original
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Loyalty and Frequent Buyer Program
OriginalAbsinthe.com would like to thank you for choosing our Absinthe Original Liquor Store. We appreciate and value you, our members. To show our appreciation for your support and patronage members receive free membership in the Absinthe Original Loyalty and Frequent Buyer Program. Our Loyalty and Frequent Buyer Program tracks your purchases so that you can earn store credits and discounts. Simply shopping at the Absinthe Original store and spending a certain amount will entitle you to permanent savings until you reach the next spending level and then your discount is increased. The discount applies to all products available to be ordered at this website.

Loyalty Discount (up to 15%)
Our current Loyalty Discount Table for purchases made over the last quarter:

Spend   Discount  
¬£149.00 This Could Be Your Discount 3%    
¬£249.00 This Could Be Your Discount 5%    
¬£349.00 This Could Be Your Discount 7%    
¬£499.00 This Could Be Your Discount 10%    
¬£699.00 This Could Be Your Discount 15%    

How do I join?

As soon as you purchase any product on OriginalAbsinthe.com by creating an account, you are automatically registered into the Program. Our special software tracks the value of your order so the next time you make a purchase, you may be entitled to a discount. Once you place your first order with us you are on your way to our first loyalty discount level.

How much is my discount?

The discount is based on the amount purchased over the quarter prior to each new purchase you make. As your spend level increases so does your loyalty discount.

When does my quarter begin and end?

Your quarter is the quarter before the date of each new purchase that you make. Every time you place an order with us, our system will look at your activity over the quarter prior to that particular purchase and base your discount on those purchases. You will keep earning your discount on every order as long as your purchases over the quarter prior qualify.

How do I get my discount?

After your cumulative orders reach the set level (excluding shipping), you will automatically receive the discount on your next order when you check out. You will see a sub total of your order, then the Customer Loyalty discount which is subtracted, leaving you with the discounted order total. There's no paperwork to fill out, no special forms to sign up. We do all the grunt work behind the scenes.

How can I tell if the discount percentage is accurate?

Your purchase history is saved in our system, and it will automatically calculate the discount for you. Simply log in you account to view your Order History. Add up all your previous orders (excluding shipping) and use above scale.

What purchases count towards the Absinthe Original Loyalty and Frequent Buyer Program?

Just about everything, except shipping and taxes. Each time you place an order your purchase total (not including shipping or taxes) is calculated and stored in your profile. When you reach a loyalty level, you will automatically be given your discount.

Where/When do I see the discount for my order?

When you order using our secure online checkout process, our system will look at your activity over the quarter prior to that particular purchase and base your discount on those purchases. The discount will automatically be deducted from your order before your credit card is processed. You will be able to see the discount taken off of your order total at the confirmation step.

What are your terms and conditions?

They are simple really. By participating in the Program, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions as set out above. Absinthe Original offers this Program at its sole discretion, and OriginalAbsinthe.com has the right to change or discontinue the Program, in whole or in part, at any time without notice. That's it.

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Service was EXCELLENT... All I have to do now is try it, but the service and packaging were top notch!


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