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Bobby, USA

Shipped Carefully

I ordered absinthe bitter spirit. I haven't tried it yet, but i am glad to say it was shipped carefully and secure. I will say if you order during the Christmas season be prepared for a good 3-4 weeks shipping (that includes processing). But it got to me and that's all that counts. I look forward to trying it.

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Kathy, US

I want more, more, MORE!

So lovely, this Absinthe. I want more, more, MORE!

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I am Very Satisfied

Well there was a little mix up with the post office, but I did receive my bottle of absinthe original. It was actually at the post office for about four months before they notified me that they were sending it back to I zipped down there and got my package...and I am very satisfied...don't listen to the other people saying it is just like any other liquor, cause you know the truth.

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Jerry F., US

Very professional transaction

I am pleased to report that the extremely well packaged shipment of 3 bottles of Absinthe arrived yesterday, several days ahead of your predicted arrival. Thanks very much for this very professional transaction. I very much look forward to the results of a blind tasting of 4 Czech absinthes with my Wine Club soon.

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EXCELLENT PEOPLE AND EXCELLENT SERVICE!! I love this I am ducked up nicely..gonna order more!!! Stacy

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Austin, OH, USA

Look No Further!

I just recieved my order of Absinthe Original Innocent today!! I've wanted to try Absinthe for many years now, and for me today is a dream come true!! I once ordered Absinthe from a site in Germany but never received my order, so needless to say I was very skeptical about ordering anymore online, but then I stumbled across this site and decided to take a chance on ordering again, and I'm very glad I did!! I received my product exactly 2 weeks to the day as promised - and it was packaged very well with great care! ANY & ALL FIRST TIME VISITORS TO THIS SITE - take it from me, and look no further for any & all of your Absinthe needs -You won't be disappointed!!! I will be ordering from this site again not only in the very near future, but from here on out!!

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Ralph, Las Vegas

Wonderful experience

I received the bottle of Absinth King of Spirits Gold in fine condition. I thought that it was a lil bit too much to spend on alcohol. But not only does it get you drunk fast, it lasts because you don't need to drink much. I bought a second bottle and now a third for my housewarming party. If this message seems a little off, it is because I am deep in your wonderful booze. Thanks you for a wonderful experience, again! Ralph in Las Vegas.

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Josh, NY, USA

Great, cheap shipping

I received my bottle of KOSG earlier today. I have never purchased overseas absinthe before because of the high shipping costs. I was very impressed with your cheap shipping! It also arrived quicker than I expected and came wrapped nicely, I don't think this thing would break even if you slammed the box on the ground. I am very impressed with your service, I will definitely be a return customer! Thank You!

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the ultimate party necessity... esecially when u work long hard hours it keeps u goin 3 days after

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Extremely fast shipping

The shipping was extremely fast!!!! And I live in the midwest of the USA. I was expecting a lot less out of absinthe but boy was I wrong, I'm on it now listening to daft punk and life could not be better!!! This is the best mind altering drug I've ever done besides heroin. I will keep buying from original absinthe as long as I drink absinthe... This is something everyone should experience.

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Wayne H., USA

Highly Recommended

Some more information that I left out from my first testimonial, the fact that that the 100 mg thujone is the greatest does not do it justice--this stuff is the "bomb". Please do nor dilute this absinthe with ANYTHING -- including ice or sugar -- putting this in the freezer and doing small shots every 15 minutes is the maximized affect -- the most incredible buzz you will ever have. <br /> I have herniated discs in my back-and the gold helps greatly with the pain. the taste is smooth when in the the freezer--once again -DO NOT DILUTE and do not order anything else but the GOLD,. any other version is cheap and not worth it==all you cheap bastards who are not ordering the GOLD are not really appreciating what the stuff can offer. I just ordered another 5 bottles and I highly recommend this stuff for all libation lovers out there.

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Wayne H., US, New Jersey

Gold Only Customer

Take it from a chemist, the "gold" is great--don't waste your time with anything other than the the *gold*. The thujone level of 100mg really makes the difference. All of you cheap customers out there are not really appreciating what Absinthe is really all about. I received the bottle within 9 business days and was very curious and excited once received. The instructions say "not to drink it neat" --- I totally disagree. A true lover will put the bottle in the freezer ASAP--then serve on the rocks---sugar is optional. I would not want to dilute the gold with anything other than ice and possibly a little sugar. Keep in freezer. the buzz is totally unlike any other buzz you have had. The price is relatively high--but once you sip the gold over a period of a few hours--you will understand what i am talking about. It is a shame they don't make a version called "platinum" which would contain more than 100mg thujone. This is a quite unique feeling and I highly recommend, I will continue to be a gold only customer and will order at least 5 bottles at a time from now on. A must for serious libation lovers which cannot be found anywhere in the USA. I love the "Gold" King of Spirits - and remember I am a chemist and know all about the oil of wormwood and thujone.

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J. T., Beverly Hills, CA, USA

GREAT Customer Service

Just got my bottle. The customer service was GREAT. Tastes better than any other alcohol, makes you feel cool, and whats more is cheap considering it gets you drunk so quickly! I felt mellow and happy - best absinthe experience yet! Only problem is the bottle is half empty...

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Jim W., US

Definitely worth it

Thanks, Took so long to get here but definitely worth it (only felt long cuz I was so excited :D)

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Kevin in Halifax, NS

Great service, exceptional products

Received my Bottle of Absinthe Original Innocent yesterday, about a week before I expected it, very well packaged so no chance of it getting broken. The Absinthe itself in unlike anything available here, all that is available here is La Fee Bohemian and occasionally the Parisian, and something called Absente which is basically a licorice flavored liqueur and in no way real absinthe, so you can imagine I was very excited to open the bottle and have a drink...which exceeded my expectations! I will definitely be making more orders from Original Absinthe, and if I order 3 bottles in one order it will cost me about the same as it does to buy the local stuff, just way better quality. Once again, thank you for your great service and exceptional products, you've definitely made a repeat customer of me!

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Tommy, Maryland, USA

Top notch packaging

I can't say enough about how much I enjoy your product. Every year for my birthday I treat my self to a bottle of your Absinth Original. I have yet to be disappointed. The packaging is top notch and very discreet. You shipping time was right on the money 2 weeks exactly. Further more I requesting Absinthe in stead of gifts. Christmas, Fathers Day, Mothers day, Arbor-day... any day that is on the calender basically.<br /> In Maryland they have been announcing that "ABSINTHE" is now legal, but what they are not making clear is that the ABSINTHE you are getting doesn't have any "THUJONE". (Edgar Allen Poe must be rolling over in his grave) I am very happy with purchasing my product from "Absinthe Original" and will continue to do so in the future. Thank you and Keep up the good work.

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Blake, USA

Pleased with speed

I received my item today, very pleased with the speed of shipping, arrived 5 days earlier than expected. Well packaged. Pleasure to do business with. I was skeptical about ordering $250 of merchandise over seas, but you now made me a believer that you are honest! Thanks again! Blake !!!!!!!!!!!!

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Justin, West Coast

Great service, exceptional products

I have tried Absinthe twice before - both were horrible tasting Ouzo rip offs. Finally, much to some financial saving, I purchased a bottle of Original. It came today (within 7 business days and I am on the West Coast). I opened the bottle and was pleased to smell a delicate bouquet of flavours and not an overwhelming anise scent. The taste was even more amazing. I enjoy all my liquors a little room temperature and the flavour was complex, aromatic and unequal to anything you could imagine. The inebriation was amazing - (I am writing this inebriated from Absinthe) it is best described as a 'lucid inebriation' - you will have to drink the Absinthe correctly and experience it for yourself. Thank you for supplying us with a truly 'Original' product.

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JT from Texas

I will order again

I was a skeptic at first. Hey anyone can sit down and write testimonials. I took a chance and am glad I did, My order arrived in about 7 days and was complete and as advertised. I will be ordering again soon and will tell my friends about site to order as well. If you are a skeptic as I was take the chance you will not be sorry. Enjoy! I am

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Merrick A.

Very pleased with the service

My second time ordering from over seas and I am very pleased with the service as well as the product. I have actually ordered two separate times and I have to admit that you should only send a money order if its your only option. It does seem to take a while for your payment to reach England. The product arrived intact just as promised and I have to say that La Boheme ROCKS! looking forward to doing business again in the very near future. Now I have to finish preparing my glass of Fruko and sit back, Mississippi is so much cooler when your seeing green!

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