Premium Thujone Absinthe Bottles Set

  • Absinthe Spoon as a Free Gift with two premium bottles of our best selling Real Absinthe
  • 700ml bottle of King of Spirits Gold Absinth with 100mg of thujone, bottled at 70% ABV
  • 700ml bottle of our premium Absinthe Original Bitter Spirit, 35mg of thujone and 60% ABV
  • No artificial colorings, no preservatives, both prepared from carefully selected herbs
  • Enjoy well chilled with a little sugar and water or as a base for your favorite absinthe cocktail
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Premium bottles collection of our finest Absinthe Spirits in one great Gift set! Crème de la Crème of genuine Absinthe and Free Absinthe spoon as a gift designed for that unique absinthe experience. By buying this special package, you'll receive Absinth King of Spirits Gold with 100 mg of thujone and top of our range of fine liquors, Absinthe Original Bitter Spirit distilled with 35mg of thujone!

Absinthe Original Bitter Spirit is absolutely correct to the original absinthe, from its delicate tint to its refined texture and delightfully aromatic finish. The exquisite taste of this Bohemian style absinthe is incredibly unique, smooth and delicious. Absinthe Original Bitter Spirit offers the absinthe connoisseur the genuine Belle Époque absinthe experience and makes an impressively prestigious addition to any collection of fine liquors. Our aim in formulating and distilling Absinthe Original Bitter Spirit was simple, we wanted to make, absolutely without regard to cost or technical difficulties, the finest, most complex, most delicious absinthe liquor possible. How well we've succeeded will be up to you to judge, but the feedback we've received from some of the most expert and demanding absinthe connoisseurs has been nothing short of outstanding. Absinthe Original Bitter Spirit is a modern absinthe, to please the modern palate, although one that pays homage to the recipes and methods of the past. No other modern absinthe liquor has as extensive a herb bill - the secret, we believe, of Bitter Spirit's richness, smoothness and remarkable complexity of aroma and flavour. Enormous effort was expended on herb selection, and preparation. The youngest distillations in the final blend are at least 6 months old, the oldest more than a year old, and this balance will be maintained in all future productions. We invite you to experience the unrivaled quality, tradition, and mystique that only Absinthe Original Bitter Spirit can deliver.

Absinth King of Spirits Gold - this full-bodied handmade absinthe contains 100 mg/kg of thujone! Such a high level of thujone makes King of Spirits Gold as strong as the legitimate, real wormwood Absinthes of the 19th century.

PLEASE BEWARE of counterfeit King Gold bottles. Absinthe Original is the only certified place where you can buy genuine Absinth King of Spirits Gold with the maximum wormwood content.

Buy this premium absinthe collection online today... all orders are now processed in 48 hours! Worldwide Express Delivery and Privacy Guaranteed!

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Fantastic Customer Service!

I ordered this bottle set and there was a minor issue during shipping, I reached out to customer service and received a response literally within a few hours! Their customer service was great, they were polite, accommodating, and I felt like they sincerely cared about my order/business. Truly top notch service and product! I will absolutely be ordering from them again in the future. Thanks guys!!

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Seems to fit the products well.

Both products are excellent. My favorite is of course, the gold. It has such a smooth quality. I find that the taste of both of the products is so good that there is no need to add sugar. I simply dilute it with cold water and ice.I know that doesn't sound very elegant or sophisticated but it works for me. I will definitely be a customer again in the future. <br />

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Premium Thujone Absinthe Bottles set

First occasion to try Absinthe. Absolutely wonderful. Regret I won't be able to order often due to expense.

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You've Earned a Lifetime Customer

I just received my Absinthe King Gold Set today!!!! & I'm very glad I ordered it!!! I also must say that I'm astounded at the magnificent quality of your service, the order arrived only two days after it was shipped!!! & just like the original innocent I ordered before this-it was packaged very well with the utmost care!!!! I've never tried King Gold before but if my previous Absinthe experience with the original innocent is any indication I'll definitely love it!!!! I'm very glad to report that you guys definintely have earned a lifetime customer who is looking very forward to ordering from you again in the very near future!!!!!!!! I don't how you guys do it,but keep up the fantastic work!!!!<br />

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