Absinthe Original Bitter Spirit Special

  • FREE handsomely designed chromium plated Absinthe Spoon as a gift
  • One bottle of Bohemian style Absinthe Original made according to a Swiss recipe
  • One bottle of Bitter Spirit - Premium Absinthe from La Boheme with 35mg of thujone
  • Special offer, cheaper Express shipping, free gift and pure natural products!
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Product Description

We guarantee that Absinthe Original and Absinthe Original Bitter Spirit contain NO commercial oils, essences, extracts, coloring agents or other non-traditional ingredients.

La Boheme Absinthe Original and Absinthe Original Bitter Spirit special gift set was originally created to celebrate the relaunch of these two popular absinthe products. Both in new elegant bottles, improved recipes with more thujone, they simply look good. Both of these absinthes are made by craftsmen distillers in the Czech Republic to our secret 200 year old Swiss recipe. La Boheme original absinthes are crafted directly from selected whole herbs, including Grande Wormwood, and never from cheaper assemblages, macerations, extracts or oils. You are saving money with this special absinthe offer and you'll also receive one handsomely designed chromium plated slotted Absinthe Spoon as a gift!

Historical information on absinthe
The production of grain alcohol by distillation of fermented cereals heralded the invention of liqueurs, and toward the end of the 18th century, the formulation of absinthe evolved in Switzerland. The absinthe recipe found its way to Henri-Louis Pernod, who in the early 1800’s opened a factory in Pontarlier, France. Several competitive companies were subsequently founded in France and Switzerland, and for the next 100 years, absinthe production was a significant industry. To overcome the bitter taste of absinthe, it was customary to add a sweetener. The most genteel manner involved mounting a cube of sugar in a silver sieve (an absinthe spoon) that was placed across the top of a glass containing a small amount of absinthe. Cold water was then poured over the sugar cube into the glass. Dilution turned the clear green of the liquor to a yellow opalescence. Men and women became enthralled with this ritual of presentation as well as with the appearance, taste, and excitement of the liquor.

Did you know that...?
In 1905, public anxiety came to a head when a Swiss farmer named Jean Lanfray shot his whole family. The newspapers were quick to point out that Lanfray had been drinking absinthe, not bothering to mention that he had also consumed a great deal of wine and other spirits that day. This was the final straw for those who vilified absinthe, and political pressure to rid society of this evil quickly mounted. In the years that followed, absinthe was banned in most parts of Europe, as well as in the United States.

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Product Details

Data sheet

Bottle size
70cl / 23.670oz
Alcohol by volume
60% ABV / 120 proof
70% ABV / 140 proof
Appearance / Color
olive green
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More God.

Need more. So God ..

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Smooth and warm, very nice.

It's a very smooth drink, and it warms you up from the inside out. It also gets you lots of attention when you bring a bottle to a BYOB party. You will be expected to share. :-D Lots of folks in the US are still under the impression that Absinthe is illegal in the States.

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Excellent service

Absinthe is lovely and it's delivery was flawless. Will be ordering again when I run out

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Absolutely lovely

I am blessed to taste such an elixir in this time of corporate blandness. The 35MG Thujone especially hits the spot for those that have a bend towards the altered state. This site and its product are something to be treasured, I write this as I enjoy the nice euphoric state of mind. Thank you to the crew at originalabsinthe for such a delicious Spirit that truly uplifts the soul.

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Very smooth, great taste.

Order this two bottles and I am very satisfied with taste and quality my next one will be the 100 mg Tujongs

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