Staroplzenecky Absinthe

  • Distilled in forests of Bohemia with the finest wormwood, pure grain alcohol and spring water
  • Small particles are an indication of quality absinthe and authenticity
  • Bohemian-style absinthe containing 10mg of thujone, 64% abv.
  • Handsomely designed bottle, lovely addition to any collection of fine liquors
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Product Description

Staroplzenecky Absinth is a Bohemian style absinthe made with many herbal extracts, the main herb being wormwood. An emerald green fairy absinthe with a very distinctive bottle and taste. Staroplzenecky absinth is manufactured in the Czech Republic according to the traditional French absinthe recipe with 64% alcohol (128 proof) and a production method that has been improved in excess of today's required standards. Absinthe Staroplzenecky contains 10 mg/l of thujone. It is one of the first absinthes that Lor Special Drinks distillery has produced.

Order your bottle today and you will receive this real European Absinthe with a 100% delivery guarantee in no time! No custom hassle, lost parcels or any other problems you have to be worried about because absinthe is not a controlled substance like Marijuana and Cocaine. All absinthe orders are being shipped by a fully-trackable service.

Did you know that...?
The modern version of absinthe can be traced back to the modest Swiss laboratory of Pierre Ordinaire, a French doctor who'd fled to Switzerland in the wake of the French Revolution. In 1792 he combined local herbs, fennel, wormwood, hyssop and anise among others, in an alcohol base. He prescribed and sold the 136 proof concoction as a cure-all medicinal tonic. It soon garnered the nickname the la Fee Verte (the Green Fairy) due to its translucent hue and the strange effect it had on its imbibers.

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Product Details

Data sheet

Bottle size
50cl / 16.907oz
Alcohol by volume
64% ABV / 128 proof
emerald green
Rated 3.62 on the scale 1 - 5 based on 13 customer reviews
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I agree with the previous review in terms of mouthwash, I'm not quite sure why this is but when you get into it you do appreciate the subtleties, not a bad absinth considering the relatively cheap price, definitely recommend it."<br />

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Verified purchase

Excellent shipping just as promised. Absolutely no problems shipping to the US. The product is great for beginners and even comes with a pamphlet that explains proper ritual. I am very pleased with this site and I will certainly be doing business with them again.<br /> Keep up the good and speedy service!"<br />

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This absinthe tasted a little like mouthwash at first, but once you start drinking it you appreciate the flavors a lot more. About 2-3 onces was enough to give me a great affect."<br />

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