Authentic Reservoir Absinthe Glass Pontarlier

  • Accurate replica of a historic absinthe glass, design authenticated by the Absinthe Museum in France
  • Absinthe glass made to the same measurements as legendary Pontarlier absinthe glasses, including the reservoir at the bottom
  • Most famous, traditional absinthe glass designed especially for preparing and serving absinthe drink
  • Each Pontarlier glass is approximately 6 inches tall and 3 inches in diameter
  • Its sturdy construction makes it ideal for every day use, dishwasher safe
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Product Description

Pontarlier absinthe glass is a fantastic absinthe-tasting and collectible item. A heavy machine-molded Pontarlier style absinthe glass using the original, recently rediscovered 19th century mold. This glass is a perfect replica of the Pontarlier antique glass featured in the painting by Charles Maire made to the same measurements as original Pontarlier absinthe glasses, including the reservoir. The volume is quite large, approximately 250ml (8.5oz) – just over half a liquid pint, helping the drinker to appreciate delicate aromas and flavors from the best absinthes without overfilling. The reservoir located at the bottom of the glass is used to determine how much absinthe to add. The water-to-absinthe ratio varies depending on the drinker, but it is usually 3 to 5 parts water to 1 part absinthe. The reservoir holds 25ml (0.85oz), which is typical for an absinthe glass of this size.

Unlike some clumsy glasses available on Amazon, these absinthe glasses are NOT MADE IN CHINA, our Pontarlier glasses are made in France by Cristallerie La Rochere and we are confident that they will make a fine addition to your barware collection. This elegant glass provides an authentic absinthe experience with a reservoir bowl to hold the correct amount of absinthe.

Each glass is approximately 6 inches tall and 3 inches in diameter. This glass lends itself perfectly for preparing absinthe, for which it was originally designed, but can be used with enjoyment for any drink. Its sturdy construction also makes it ideal for every day use and it is dishwasher safe. Pontarlier glasses are nice addition to anyones collection - sturdy and attractive.

Preparing absinthe the traditional way
Absinthe is more than just a tasty alcoholic beverage, it’s a ritual. To prepare your absinthe in the traditional way, you begin by pouring about an ounce of the greenish liquid into a glass. On top of the glass you place a flat, slotted spoon on which a single sugar cube rests. You drip cold water over the sugar cube - slowly enough that it dissolves by the time your glass is full. As the water mixes with the clear liquid it turns cloudy - an effect called louching, caused by the oils in the absinthe. Finally, you stir the liquid with the spoon, and then drink.

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25cl / 8.454oz
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400g / 0.8818lb
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Beautiful glass

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Always love a new absinthe spoon

How can you go wrong with a new spoon?

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Great Quality

They're somewhat thick brimmed. but the glass was sturdy, comfortable to hold and drink from. Love the classic glass look. Great price to replace or buy more.

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Beautifully made glass

Beautifully made absinthe glasses, fine workmanship. The perfect glasses to enjoy the full absinthe experience! These glasses are sturdy, inexpensive, and dishwasher safe.

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