Absinthe Fountain Replacement Bowl

  • Absinthe Fountain Glass Replacement Bowl also called Globe or glass reservoir
  • The bowl is etched with a decorative pattern and Absinthe Original logo
  • The top cover, faucet base, metal grill, and fountain stand not included
  • This replacement bowl will only fit larger, metal 4 spout fountains
  • Height of this replacement glass bowl is 17.4 cm / 6.875"
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 Oct 03 - 06
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Product Description

Absinthe Liquor Store is the first to offer the replacement bowls for your metal absinthe fountains!

Replacement glass bowl, also known as replacement glass reservoir or replacement glass globe will only fit our absinthe metal fountains with four spigots whether it is Absinthe Fountain Belle Époque or Lady Absinthe Fountain with four taps. It is important to know that this glass globe will only fit the fountains listed on our website (different type fountains may have a slightly different diameters or threads) and will not work with 2 spout fountains. The top cover, faucet base, the straining system and fountain stand are not included. The bowl has a decorative pattern and etched Absinthe Original logo. The fountain bowl is shipped carefully packaged and will require some easy assembly.

To help you decide whether this replacement glass reservoir will fit your fountain, you can measure the inside thread diameter (on the fountain, not on the bowl). If it is close to 97 millimeters, it will most likely fit because the thread major diameter on this replacement bowl is 97 millimeters.

Please keep in mind that there is never a guarantee that this replacement glass bowl will fit your fountain because there have been numerous manufacturers of absinthe fountains over the past ten years, and sadly, spare parts are not interchangeable. If the glass reservoir / globe does not fit, we will be happy to take it back and refund you the price of the globe, upon its return in pristine condition.

Please note that there is a limited stock of these glass replacement bowls available. They will therefore not be always available in stock.

A metal grill (piece in the bottom that has holes in it) that is inside the glass globe is not part of this replacement bowl, please screw that part out before you toss your old, broken bowl in the trash.

There is also a very limited number of small replacement bowls for two tap fountains available upon request. Please contact us for more details.

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Product Details

Data sheet

Food-Safe Nickel-Plated Brass
Water capacity
2 litres
Appearance / Color
15cm / 5.875"
17.4cm / 6.875"
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Broke Mine Bowl

I am soooon... gonna need one cause...I just broke mine! I'm so glad you offer a replacement at such a reasonable price!<br />

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