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Enjoying absinthe or any other alcoholic drink is all about drinking in moderation and knowing your alcohol levels is the best way of doing it. Use our free blood alcohol concentration calculator and find out your blood alcohol levels in real-time.

Absinthe Original Free Blood Alcohol Calculator

The best way of enjoying absinthe and any other alcoholic drink is with moderation. There’s pleasure in a glass of chilled absinthe, beautifully diluted by the fine stream of a water fountain. Still, consuming any alcoholic beverage in excess will cause skin flushing, lowered inhibitions leading to poor social judgment, passing out, vomiting, numbness, and difficulty talking or thinking clearly.

Alcohol abuse can be dangerous for you and those close to you and can lead to poor decision-making.

If you are to enjoy a few alcoholic drinks, look at our free blood alcohol calculator and check back in every time you have an alcoholic beverage. We all react to alcohol differently, and no blood alcohol calculator is one-hundred-percent precise. Still, being mindful of the number of drinks you consume at the rate at which you consume them might make the difference between responsible alcohol consumption and excess.

Absinthe, just like other premium spirits, fine wine and craft beer is culture, and appreciating it is all about appreciation through moderate consumption. Here’s all you need to know about alcohol consumption, its effects on your body, and what you can do to improve your drinking habit.

How Long Does Alcohol Stay in Your System?

Thankfully, predicting the way alcohol acts in your body is easy. For the most part, we all process and break down alcohol molecules at the same rate. You can calculate the time it takes for your body to eliminate alcohol from your system with simple math, from the moment you consume alcohol to when it has left your system entirely.

Alcohol Metabolism, What is It?

Our bodies metabolize alcohol, meaning breaking down the alcohol molecules at a steady rate of 0.016% per hour, and this means that we can debunk a few myths about drinking.

Your size or weight doesn’t change the speed at which your body gets rid of alcohol molecules once they enter your bloodstream. It’s also worth mentioning it doesn’t matter where the alcohol comes from, whether it’s beer, wine or a hard spirit such as absinthe.

Once the alcohol reaches your bloodstream, it can be calculated as blood alcohol concentration (BAC). Understanding those levels allows us to calculate how long it will take for your body to eliminate the alcohol from your bloodstream.

Just like our body breaks down nutrients from our food, it breaks alcohol to eliminate it, and it does it through enzymes. A group of enzymes called dehydrogenase are responsible for eliminating the alcohol in our bloodstream as it cruises through our liver. The enzymes work at a certain pace, meaning if you drink too much, too fast, they won’t have time to break down the alcohol causing alcoholic intoxication.

How Long Does It Take To Eliminate Alcohol in Your Bloodstream?

The average legal limit of BAC is 0.08%, and your body needs five hours to eliminate it entirely. Although we’re all different, it is considered safe to consume one standard drink per hour to stay below the 0.08 BAC limit. By standard drink, we mean half an ounce of alcohol. That means one 12-ounce beer, one five-ounce glass of wine, and one 1.5-ounce shot of distilled spirits - each drink counting as one standard drink.

Of course, you can drink more than a drink per hour, but consider you’ll be consuming more alcohol than what your body can metabolize; therefore, you’ll feel the effects of alcohol, and you should definitely never drive.

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How to Reduce BAC Faster?

Unfortunately, there’s no way to speed up the enzymes in our liver, so you can’t sober up faster, not with coffee, not with food, and taking a cold shower can give you a second wind, but it’s not going to reduce the effects of alcohol. Not even exercise will help to reverse the alcohol effects, so stop making your drunk friend do push-ups! There’s a way to slow down the rate at which alcohol reaches your bloodstream, though, and that’s by drinking alcohol on a full stomach. Naturally, alcohol will take a bit longer to reach your bloodstream, temporarily slowing down the rate at which you feel its effects. Food also increases your metabolic rate a bit, meaning you process alcohol faster. This is only a temporary measure, though, and once your digestive system catches up, you’ve lost any advantage.

Alcohol Absorption Matters Too.

We all metabolize alcohol at the same rate, but we have different levels of absorption, and that’s where our age, size, weight and physical condition play a part. These unique characteristics affect how fast your body absorbs alcohol, but they don’t reduce the rate at which it eliminates it; that’s the enzymes.

In a nutshell, you can’t do anything to speed up the rate at which your body eliminates alcohol. Your body type, age and habits can make those levels increase at a higher or lower rate. You should avoid elevating your BAC or blood alcohol concentration over the legal limit, keeping in mind your body will need five hours to eliminate even the legal limit.

How Does a Blood Alcohol Calculator Work?

Since we know how much alcohol you can expect to find in a standard drink, and we know that we all metabolize alcohol at 0.016% per hour, we can roughly calculate the amount of alcohol in your bloodstream.

Remember that your weight, size, age and physical shape will affect how fast alcohol reaches your bloodstream and that what you eat might also affect that rate.

Absinthe Original Blood Alcohol Calculator

Now you know all there is to know about how your body metabolises alcohol, at which rate and how your body absorbs alcohol. Now let’s use that information to make sure you enjoy drinking responsibly without having to worry about drinking too much.

The best way of drinking responsibly is to consider the number of drinks we drink and the rate at which we consume them. Keeping in mind that we’re all different, using a free online BAC calculator will help you determine the amount of alcohol in your bloodstream and the consequences and effects of such levels.

How Does the BAC Calculator Works?

Our state-of-the art online Blood Alcohol Concentration Calculator is incredibly easy to use.
1. Start by adding your biological sex, weight and height.
2. Choose the type of drink you’re consuming.
3. Select the size of the drink. Keep in mind the calculator assumes these are standard drinks.
4. Select the drink strength.
5. Choose your hunger level to roughly determine the time it will take for your body to absorb the alcohol-based on your intestine contents.
6. Select the time when you consumed the drink.
7. Repeat with any drink you have in real-time or that you had during the night.
8. See your results and look for the blood alcohol levels in the chart to assess the effects and consequences of having that specific alcohol level.

Disclaimer, Please Read

No blood alcohol level calculator or BAC calculator is 100% precise. We all react differently to alcohol and everything; from the food we eat, the ambient temperature can make us experience drinking in a particular way.

Our free BAC calculator will help you keep track of the rate at which your body might absorb alcohol and metabolise it in normal conditions. Still, never rely on a single tool to make decisions while drinking alcohol.

Don’t drive, operate machinery or put yourself in dangerous situations while drinking, despite what any blood-alcohol chart or calculator says.

Stay safe and enjoy your favourite alcoholic drinks responsibly. Our BAC calculator is a tool to raise awareness about the rate at which we consume alcohol and how it affects us. Although reliable compared to other calculators and charts, don’t rely on any alcohol measuring tool to assess your current state.

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Blood Alcohol Levels and Absinthe

As a leading merchant of authentic Absinthe with wormwood, and original absinthe fountains, spoons and glasses, we think we must address the relationship between blood alcohol levels and Absinthe.

Although many myths surround Absinthe, also known as the green fairy, there are no significant differences between the effects of drinking Absinthe and any other premium distilled spirit.

Absinthe won’t necessarily make you feel different from drinking other spirits like gin, vodka or whiskey. They’re all alcoholic drinks and all of them will make you drunk.

Authentic Absinthe, though, has higher alcohol levels than most other spirits and can have up to 74% alcohol levels or 148 proof. You must dilute Absinthe with water before consuming — otherwise, it’s almost like drinking twice the amount of any other spirit. By diluting Absinthe with at least equal parts of water, your Absinthe drink will have roughly the same alcoholic levels as any standard drink. Speaking of which, our handy table will give you a simple estimate of the alcohol content of your absinthe drinks.

Please keep in mind Absinthe requires that extra step before enjoying. Alcohol intoxication is a serious matter that must not be underestimated.

How to Eliminate Alcohol Breath?

There are many reasons why you would want to eliminate alcohol breath but trying to appear sober when you’re not should never be one of them. Alcohol breath is not nice, though, so there are many ways to reduce it.

Brush your teeth. The single most effective way of improving your breath is by brushing your teeth and scrub that tongue because that’s where bacteria hang out.

Drink coffee. Coffee will mask alcohol smell, and the caffeine buzz might even wake you up a little while under the effects of alcohol. Coffee won’t sober you up, though, and coffee breath is as bad as alcohol breath.

Chewing gum might reduce alcohol breath, mainly because it makes you salivate. Fresh chewing gum might also mask alcohol smell for a while.

Herbs are a very effective way of eliminating bad breath, including alcohol breath. Basil, mint, or any other fresh cooking herbs will definitely help.

The Only True Wisdom Is in Knowing You Know Nothing

Now you know a little more about how our bodies metabolize alcohol, so remember to share with your loved ones!

Knowledge is the best way to stay safe. Enjoy a fine glass of original absinthe while you wait for the end of the world, get yourself a shiny new absinthe fountain, a set of authentic absinthe spoons, and a few elegant absinthe glasses. Remember, absinthe has calming properties.

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