Absolut Absinthe Original VIP Loyalty & Frequent Buyer Reward Program

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Absinthe Original VIP Reward Program

We at Absinthe Original appreciate you for sharing our passion for Absinthe. We want to thank you for your business and for understanding the value of what we’re doing on our Absinthe Original Liquor Store.

You and us, we’re all members of a community, brought together by the charms of the green fairy. And as friends, we want to show our appreciation for your loyalty, support and patronage.

We want to reward you in a way that really matters to you and increase your rewards as you dig deeper into the world of Absinthe.

We’re excited about launching our Absinthe Original VIP Reward Program, a way to receive exclusive discounted prices for the things you already buy. It became clear that we didn’t want to create a cloudy loyalty program, like those offered by companies in other sectors. We wanted to give you real value.

There are no points that expire without given notice, no expiration dates, discounts on things you don’t even want to buy, or long sign up forms. This is the real deal, and we think you’ll be excited to know more.

So, This is how our Reward Program Works:

Congratulations! If you created an account on Absinthe Original website and bought something, you’re already a member of the Absinthe Original VIP Reward Program.

The more you buy, the higher level you’ll reach, and the higher will your discount be on future purchases.

These are the Levels to Reach for:

VIP Bronze - Once you spend $1,000, you’ll save 5% on every future purchase.

VIP Silver - As soon as you have spent $1,500, you’ll score 7.5% off on all items.

VIP Gold - With total spending of $2,000, you’ll get 10% off on your next visits.

VIP Platinum - Spending $2,500 welcomes you the highest rank, an exclusive club of Absinthe connoisseurs with a 15% discount for life.

There are no tricks, no small print. The more you spend, the more you save.

There’s More to be a VIP Member

Because we know some things are more important than money: As a VIP member, you’ll get access to exclusive discounts, freebies, free shipping when available, and overall special prices. You will also have access to special sale prices that regular customers don’t. Come take a peek; we’ve got the good stuff out the back.

Got Questions? Here’s our FAQ

How do I join?

Purchase any product on OriginalAbsinthe.com and create an account, you’re automatically part of the VIP Reward Program. We’ll track everything for you and will let you know every time you reach a new level of our VIP Reward Program.

How much is my discount?

As soon as you log into your account, prices will be displayed with your discount applied. Each VIP Level offers you a higher discount, from 5% to 15%! We’ll keep you in-the-know as you rank up.

When does my membership end?

It doesn’t, and our system tracks your orders as far back as twelve months. The more you spend during that period, the higher will your VIP Level be, and your discount, of course.

How do I get my discount?

Once you’ve reached our first VIP Bronze Level, you’ll see your discount throughout the entire store as soon as you log in with your account.

How can I tell if the discount percentage is accurate?

Our system calculates all discounts automatically depending on your VIP Level and displays them to you. You can also see your purchase summary with applied discounts on your account.

What purchases count towards the Absinthe Original VIP Reward Program?

Every purchased item in the store adds up to your spending during the period, except shipping costs. We do not include canceled, returned or undelivered purchases in your total expenditure. Orders placed without using your account are not possible to include.

How do I know when I reach a new VIP Level?

We’ll send you an email, and you’ll see your new discount in real-time. Creating an account is mandatory.

What are your terms and conditions?

By taking part in the Absinthe Original VIP Reward Program, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set above. Absinthe Original Liquor Store offers this VIP Program at its sole discretion, and OriginalAbsinthe.com may change or discontinue the VIP Program, in whole or in part without notice.

You, Absinthe enthusiast, who knows the quality of our range of products and appreciate our well-rounded customer service should be rewarded, and the Absinthe Original VIP Reward Program is our way to do it.

The More you Spend, the More you Save. For life!

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